Sunsella Silicone Cast Iron Potholder Set - Hot Handle Holder with 2 x Pan Scrapers & Silicone Hot Pad

Sunsella Silicone Cast Iron Potholder Set - Hot Handle Holder with 2 x Pan Scrapers & Silicone Hot Pad

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Heat Resistant Cast Iron Pan Handle Cover & Hot Pad with 2 Pan Scrapers Extra security silicon rubber, texture grip with Internal gripper ribs & Hanging hole Honeycomb design silicone pad can be used a trivet or a flexible cover for moving pans Durable Polycarbonate pan scrapers with various shaped edges to fit any pan, non-scratch finish and makes removing burnt on food a breeze!
DIMENSIONS: Length 5 1/8 inch (130mm)
PREMIUM QUALITY, BPA FREE: High-grade food safe silicone Heat resistant Meets FDA standards Non stick BPA-free Dishwasher safe Anti slip.
MAX TEMPERATURE, UNIVERSAL FIT: Ovenproof - Rated to 450°F (230°C) Designed to fit most major brands. Easier to use than a fabric mitt, and a more comfortable panhandle cover than an oven glove.
SAFE & SECURE: Customized protection with our anti-slip, sleeve style grip, which will guard your hands from burns. Simply slip the silicone protector over your cook ware handle and easily move heavy hot pans with ease from your stovetop to the oven or kitchen sink.

Works with or without lids to assist in moving pans safely without burns. Will quickly become one of your favourite kitchen utensils. Specially designed raised anti-slip texture on the handle for more security when moving heavy hot pans, safely reducing the transfer of heat Ideal for gripping hot pans when stirring or rotating and for transferring to the oven or kitchen sink for cleaning Easy clean and quick dry, hand wash or top rack Dishwasher safe Designed with a relaxed, flexible fit, which will stay on securely and be easy to remove when required Safer to use than traditional hot pad holders and an end to large loose bulky cloth towels which can easily burn For use with multiple brands of cast iron skillet pans and handle designs including Lodge, Le Creuset and more (size 9”+ recommended for Lodge pans) Handle can be left on at low-medium cooking temperatures on your cook-top, and be used for transfer to oven- handle (Intended as temporary safety cover for your handles, not for continued cooking in oven.)

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