HQY Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener, No Cap Can Escape (New Verision)

HQY Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener, No Cap Can Escape (New Verision)

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Easy portable just push down open bottle instantly well sized make convenient carry better than wall mounted openers great people who suffer repetitive motion disorder other wrist disorders ingenious invention will talk party spring loaded mechanism opens releases effortlessly speediest opener any out there

Dual functionality opens bottles instantly great beer bottle cap catcher with magnet will bend caps once off which makes collectors

Easy bottle opener beer soda any with cap made durable stainless steel firm push removes ease magnetic feature holds place

Professional grade durable- size really doesn't matter here this bottle opener built last will open hundreds bottles within few minutes perfect gift great christmas gifts stocking stuffers men bartender party favors birthday dad love socialize then there still any help need just feel contact

Hqy automatic beer bottle opener silver checkout some amazing features bartender -super-fast easy portable -better than wall mounted -opens soda glass bottles instantly -magnetic cap catcher within -high-quality durable -great collectors -won't bend caps re-used save later men women seniors who have arthritis -used professional bartenders -perfect dad gifts great bbq parties sporting events super-bowls best stocking stuffers perfect dads best-man give coolest housewarming open seconds with this drink lot hard iced tea now then even twist off tops find towel shirt takes few minutes hands get cut sometimes invention ever husband loves too just put press down lift pulls top there magnet which what small fits perfectly wet bar cupboard purse plan take out love popper got convention kids absolutely thought greatest thing purchased each them they were excited works slick mine all time loveeee product very bought house had buy our family members

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