Hero Clean Laundry Detergent Pods, 45, Emw1693126

Hero Clean Laundry Detergent Pods, 45, Emw1693126

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Premier laundry detergent ndash hero clean letergent pacs feature world class liquid geared those who have heavier duty cleaning needs athletes military first responders tradesmen designed keep gear fresh matter mess find yourself this contains our odor defeater technology which specifically targets sweat

Geared those who demand more don rsquo flowery ndash our liquid laundry detergent pacs were hand crafted lab with innovative technology specifically formulated worst sweat odors stains proprietary blend cleaning power odor control mixed juniper scent combines perfectly get rid whatever throw

Best uses ndash sweat odor stains dirt blood grass food drink oils more great making white clothing whiter colors brighter includes fabric protectant enzyme cleaning rags bathroom towels sheets bedding gym our laundry detergent pacs class-leading package help fight harshest revive dirty clothes make whites while protecting fabrics

Laundry detergent application ndash hero clean liquid used all washing machines non-he concentrate comes either count pouch canister

Juniper scent ndash our liquid laundry detergent pacs are made with great juniper-based what ask well happens flavoring ingredient gin connection resulting smells clean fresh flowery sweet

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Hero Cleanby

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