Adjustable Rolling Pin Removable Rings (Beechwood)

Adjustable Rolling Pin Removable Rings (Beechwood)

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Control thickness dough snap are all pros sometimes roll with uneven pressure our bakers guild tools rolling pin puts end

Uniformity our mission helps become better baker have uniformly thick cookies they look great cookie plate bake evenly oven

Bake pro with adjustable rings raise game next level without putting years training bonus baking good soul precision dough depth

Perfect pie crusts pizza dough pastry tarts cookies biscuits tea cakes tortellini pierogi pasta noodles

Quality construction solid beech wood last lifetime perfect weight satisfaction guaranteed

Guarentee food safe our products are highest grade enduring value must have every kitchen spot inch centimeter width measurement markings etched surface rolling pin depth rings sets removable mastery dough thickness out stacking ultimate fun combinations easy with this stack any combination needed cleaning instructions lay flat dry scrape using bench scraper remove dried light sapoy water either brush them damp paper towel followed air avoid immersing duration other than quick dip wooden product cared may receive optimal

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