Belt Organizer Buyer's Guide

Organizing your closet can be a daunting task and it’s not really something any of us want to do but when the time comes and you need to find something really fast and you can’t because of the mess, you realize that you’ll have to do something about it and make your life is much easier. Occasionally your belts are right in the middle of the mess and no matter how many belts you own, when you need one it’s nowhere to be found. This is where a belt organizer will come in handy and it’s especially valuable if you’re often in a hurry to get ready for work or for going out.

Considering that you’re a classy guy or girl, and you have your style with many different outfits for each day of the month, you surely have a lot of belts that go with the different clothes you won and the truth is that belts spend more time on the rack than they spend around your waist so having them organized properly with the right type of hanger will save you from the trouble of looking for them around your closet and preserve their value.

Belts are not easily damaged but they can be and using a belt organizer for your belt collection is a smart investment if you want your belts to always look sharp and have no creases and bumps on them. Whenever you’re not using a proper hanger for your belts there’s a possibility for them to get scratched or get bent in a way that would leave a mark which will make your belt look worn out and cheap, ruining your entire look.

This is the reason we prepared a guide on how to choose the right best belt organizer for you and your needs.

Plastic Belt Organizer

We’ll start with the cheapest option you can go for which is a plastic hanger but the cheap price shouldn’t make you worry about their quality or usefulness. Even though they are cheaper there are some amazing designs that could really brighten up your closet and give it even more style. The plastic these racks are made of is extremely durable so you wouldn’t have to worry if it’s going to break because of the weight of your belts. Even though the plastic racks are pretty light, they can hold a lot of weight.

Plastic hangers are great for those that don’t have the budget to go for some of the more expensive belt organizers and they are extremely economic and resistant to rust and mold. They are easily maintained and with proper care they can last you a long time. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Wood Belt Organizer

The second choice would be a wooden hanger for your belts and this is probably the one that is most popular among the choices because of the styles and colors they come in. They are available in many different tones of wood and come with a very fancy wooden texture that would give your closet even more style. The wooden racks are very strong and you won’t have to worry about them breaking but they are slightly more expensive and a bit harder to maintain because even though the wood is polished and protected it’s easier to scratch with the metal part of the belt if you’re too careless.

The wooden belt organizer can is strong and can hold a lot of belts while also brightening up your closet with the shape and color that often ranges from deep cherry wood to light natural wood. There are a lot of options you can choose from to customize the look of your closet and give it more class while simultaneously keeping your belts organized.

Metal Belt Organizer

The third type you could go for is the metal rack for belts which is the strongest of them all and would probably last you a lifetime. It’s made of metal that is usually stainless steel and if you like the metallic look you should definitely go for a metal hanger.

While metal belt organizers are great, you should stay away from cheap wire ones because they aren’t good for anything and would only waste your money. When picking a metal rack you need to find one that is made of a material that won’t corrode and would be strong enough to hold all your belts it without the chance of bending or breaking.

The metal belt organizer is the easiest to maintain and it would last the longest provided that you made the right choice when deciding which one to buy. Getting a metal rack for your belts will not only organize your belts and they will be always at arm’s length but also give your closet a more modern and sophisticated look. A quality metal hanger is probably a bit pricier than the previous ones we mentioned but it’s definitely worth it because it is going to last forever and you don’t have to worry too much about scratching or breaking it.

Size of The Belt Organizer

The size of the belt hanger will depend solely on the amount of belts you have. Since there are various sizes of belt racks you can choose from you can either get one that would fit all your belts or maybe get two smaller ones and organize your belts like that adding symmetry to your closet as well.

Final Thoughts

In this article we covered the types of belt organizers you can get and their attributes and we certainly hope that we helped you at least see the differences between all of them so you can make an informed choice. All of the belt organizer types mentioned above are worth your money and will serve their purpose well, so it comes down to your own taste and how you want your closet to look like.

Enjoy your shopping!