We all know that shelves are an important addition to our kitchen, as they

help us with organizing everything we need in order to have a clutter-free area. However, there are other modern kitchen fixtures you can use to give your kitchen the “wow” factor. How about a gorgeous Minimal/Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Wine Rack hand-crafted right here at StudioAndolina?

This amazing fixture will not only give you space for your wine area but will also make everyone fascinated by how modern and crafty looking your home really is. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference, which is why kitchen fixtures can be so essential when creating a modern feel for your lovely home.

If you are looking for something beautiful and unique to add to your décor, look no further! I can also custom make Modern Towel Bars that will be the perfect addition to any home. Invite any guest to take a look at your new and improved fixtures and how much added creativity they bring to your space.

Welcome a Modern Touch to the Kitchen Using Stainless Steel Fixtures and Accessories
My Modern Steel Vertical Paper Towel Holder can be a great addition to any sleek look. I have taken my time to hand-craft all of my designs so they are long lasting and great looking.

I understand that your home is very important to you, which is why I strive to always deliver the best quality items. We all want that home that makes us feel fresh and leaves our guests in awe by our original taste. I am here to help you with that and make your dream fixtures and décor a reality.

From the Doors to the Walls
Like I said before, it’s the little things that sometimes matter the most! Have you ever thought about your wall space or door handles? We custom-make modern steel shelves and door handles that will make your cooking area pop! Whether it’s a spice rack or even the handles on your cabinets, we have it all. Check out our Blackened, Brushed, And Stainless Modern/Minimal Steel Shelf for instance!

Want something different? I encourage custom orders and one of a kind works that make people happy and fulfill the need for self-expression and uniqueness. Photos, sketches, brainstorming and such are encouraged and always carry potential for new items to become reality. No idea or direction is refused, as I take originality very seriously. It is these orders that become my new line of products. This is because the feedback is a great way to help the process of development and growth for my brand.

If you are interested in more of my unique designs that help create a new and inspired look for your kitchen, come visit my site at StudioAndolina. I look forward to exceeding all your expectations.

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