This TikTok hack will keep your berries fresh for WEEKS in the fridge

There’s a TikTok hack for everything from gassy baby tips to laundry efficiency. And now, here’s one for berry storage tips. Get ready for your summer fruit storage problems to disappear.

For everyone that’s wondering how to keep berries fresh (because who isn’t trying to salvage their berries), this viral TikTok video shows you how to do just that. The creator of the video, Nicole Modic, posts a lot of informational food videos. This fresh berries TikTok hack is no different but it just might be life changing.


How to keep berries fresh for WEEKS (and how to clean them!)! #berries #berrieshack #foodtips #foodhacks

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Nicole starts the video with her first tip: “If you plan on eating your berries within a few days of purchasing them,” she says, “do not wash them.”

Instead she advises separating and tossing out any moldy ones from the pack. Then, it’s all about adding a paper towel to soak up any excess moisture. Either add a paper towel inside of the original berry container or transfer the berries to a food storage container and place a paper towel on top before closing the lid.

If your kids love eating fruits as soon as you buy them then you might not have a problem with keeping them fresh for longer than a week. But, what about when you’re buying in bulk for holiday entertaining? Or, your family takes a little longer to eat fruit? Nicole has answers for that too!

“I’m gonna teach you how to make your berries last fresh and perfect in your fridge for 2 weeks.”

Place your berries in a large bowl. Then, add one part vinegar to three parts water. Let the berries sit in the vinegar bath for about 10 minutes. Then, give them a rinse and pat them dry. You’ll want to be sure they’re very dry because, as Nicole says, “moisture is the enemy!”

“Once your berries are dry you’re going to take a paper towel put it at the bottom of a container.” Then, you simply add your berries. You can also place another paper towel on top for “good measure.” Place the lid on top and then pop them in your fridge!

These berry storage tips are a game changer. When it comes to buying summer fruit, making fruit salads or just keeping berries on hand for a healthy snack, it helps to know that they won’t go bad as soon as you bring them home from the store. Comments on Nicole’s video show just how much everyone has been wondering how to keep berries fresh.

“Love all these tips 👏🏼

“Ty ! This is going to save so much money.”

“This actually works! I did this and forgot about them. pulled them out and they are really good”