This DIY fridge door handle cover by The Sewing Room Channel on YouTube is such a useful item to have in the kitchen

My mom growing up would always put a towel around the fridge door handle because if we are cooking, sometimes we forget some ingredients while our hands are dirty cooking. I think this is a better idea than having a towel because it can be placed in the middle of the handle and it’s adjustable. I would make a couple of these because I want one for both handles on the fridge. Also, this door handle will work for my oven too. If you have any other handles in the kitchen, make these covers for less cleaning. This can be a gift set idea by creating other kitchen items to match such as a kitchen towel, potholder, and oven mitt.


fabric (4-6) 6″ x 15″
cotton batting (2-3) 6″ x 15″
velcro strip 14″


First, layer the fabric with the cotton batting down first along with the back fabric facing the front side up on top. Then, place the front fabric with the pattern facing down. Use fabric pins to pin all the sides of the fabric. Leave about a 1″ opening on one end and stitch around all 4 edges.

Image by The Sewing Room Channel via YouTube
Next, continue to watch The Sewing Room Channel on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Image by The Sewing Room Channel via YouTube
Overall, I like how this is a reversible velcro fridge door handle. You can create one for the holidays and flip them around. Personally, it would be cool to create one side for Thanksgiving and the other side for Christmas since the holidays are back to back. It’s such a creative idea to make this and the kitchen door handle covers can serve as decoration.

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