This ‘Blowout in a Bottle’ Instantly Refreshes Super-Sweaty Hair

Before my birthday this year, I made the decision to prioritize exercise, so I purchased a one-month Pilates membership and started going to classes a few times a week. I quickly found out that even though I was sore, I loved the way I felt afterward—so much so that I could even justify paying the hefty boutique fitness price. But as I’ve fully integrated exercise into my routine, I’ve noticed one major challenge: my hair washing schedule.

I’ve trained my hair so that I only have to wash it two to three times a week. But, with the increase in working out, I’ve noticed that my hair gets greasy and smelly much faster than it used to. That’s when I was introduced to Swair’s latest innovation, SweatShield ($16 to $38), which was designed for people like me who want to work out regularly without compromising their hair health with excessive washing.

“We created Sweatshield because we wanted a wash day product that would protect our hair against sweat, humidity, and environmental stressors,” says Meredith Krill, the brand’s co-founder. “It is made for people with an active lifestyle that want to go longer between washes, even when they sweat.” In other words, it gives you the best of both worlds: All you have to do is towel dry your hair after a shower and then spray it all over. Once you’ve run it through your hair, it works its magic while you’re busy running/planking/lunging. When you’re done with your workout, your hair will look just as fresh as it did before you stepped onto the mat.

The formula is designed to combat the blah-looking side effects that come along with a sweaty scalp. It’s filled with nourishing and protective superstars, like kendi oil, marshmallow root, and apricot oil, which fend off environmental aggressors (like UV and pollution damage) and help keep frizz at bay.

“We wanted a combination that could protect and improve the condition of your hair without weighing it down,” says Carrie Sporer, another one of SWAIR’s co-founders. The team wanted to ensure that hair looks and feels better after a few spritzes of Sweatshield, so they included cucumber extract, which Sporer says “facilitates hair growth while hydrating.”

When I first tried the product, I was pleasantly surprised by the smell, which is super clean and reminds me of a hair salon. Per the instructions, I washed my hair, dried it with a towel, and then applied the product from root to end. To finish it off, I gave my hair a quick blow-dry and went about my day, which included an evening Pilates class.

As I lunged on the reformer, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my baby hairs weren’t sticking up straight. Instead, they were right where I put them when I blow-dried. The same went for the hair closer to my neck, which typically curls up while I sweat. All in all, I was super impressed with this product’s ability to prevent frizziness when I worked, out and have continued to use it weekly since. If you’re someone who’s eager to take on a fitness journey, but not willing to compromise on your hair washing schedule, get your hands on SweatShield ASAP.

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