These egg carton crafts for kids are super cool! Get 50 unique project ideas that children can make from recycled egg carton

s. So easy and perfect for all ages.

I’ve got a cool surprise for you today! If you love recycled crafts, especially for kids, I think you’re going to be interested in this post about egg carton crafts. Because let me tell you . . . there are a lot of cool things you can make!

Obviously when you are making crafts with egg cartons, you need to eat eggs. Or know someone that does and can give them to you. I have this thing, and maybe you can relate . . .

I like to buy free range, organic eggs. I like to know my little chickies got to run free while laying their eggs! And I find it’s very convenient that typically the free range boxes come in cardboard instead of the foam or plastic options. And I personally find the cardboard easiest to cut! It’s a win-win.

Anyhoo, I’m excited to share these ideas with you. Summer is coming and you’re going to need some ideas. So start making lots of scramble eggs, omelets, and souffles . . . you’re going to need those cartons!
Egg Box Crafts
Before we jump into the projects, I want to answer a few frequently asked questions. If these don’t apply to you, go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of the post for the list. I provide these as tips/info for the most common questions on this post.
Are egg cartons safe for crafts?
Absolutely! If you find any remaining material in the carton from the eggs, you can cut or sand it away. Otherwise, the cardboard, plastic, and foam boxes are all safe for crafting.
What kind of paint do you use on egg cartons?

How do you cut egg cartons for crafts?
I find it’s easiest to use a pair of sharp scissors. Sometimes the boxes can be hard to cut. This can be tricky if you are doing a kid’s craft with a younger kid. If the child is having problems getting the carton apart with their kid scissors, you might have to step in and help with your adult scissors!

Are you ready to jump in and get the project ideas? Keep on reading below!
Egg Carton Crafts
You won't believe how many crafts can be made out of egg cartons! Kids are going to love these unique, recycled ideas. Projects range from flowers to animals to vehicles to Christmas and more.
1 Egg Carton Art
If you like egg carton crafts, try this canvas project with your kids. You'll have just as much fun as they do!
Get the Tutorial 2 Egg Carton Apple Craft Photo Credit: Stef Luca
Apples aren't just for fall and back to school. These cuties are fun to make all year round! I love that there are whole apples and then a tutorial for the core too. Darling!
Get the Tutorial 3 Butterfly Garland Photo Credit:
It's easier to turn egg cartons into butterflies than you might think! With the help of some bright pipe cleaners, you'll have a brightly colored garland in minutes.
Get the Tutorial 4 Horton Hears a Who Photo Credit:
What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book? There are so many classics to choose from. If you like Horton Hears a Who, this elephant craft is amazingly simple. There’s no paint or coloring involved,
Get the Tutorial 5 Earth Day Rain Cloud Mobile Photo Credit:
I'm no stranger to rain living in the northwest! Recycle a cereal box along with some egg cartons to make this cute rainy day mobile.
Get the Tutorial 6 Simple Egg Carton Flowers Photo Credit:
These are perfect to make after Easter egg dyeing festivities! Use all the cartons to make a pretty bouquet using the paint colors of your choice.
Get the Tutorial 7 Egg Carton Mermaid Dolls Photo Credit:
These little recycled ladies are so pretty! A template is provided for the mermaid bodies, and the tails are so easy to make out of egg boxes.
Get the Tutorial 8 Egg Carton Pirate Ship Photo Credit: Clever Patch
Ahoy Matey! Arrgg, it’s time to set sail and follow our treasure maps to an island far away! Kids will love pretending to go on the adventure of a lifetime.
Get the Tutorial 9 Sunflower Egg Carton Craft Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
This sunflower egg carton craft for kids is perfect for summer or fall. You’ll only need a few materials to create this simple flower craft, and the activity is suitable for a wide variety of ages!
Get the Tutorial 10 Egg Carton Whale Craft Photo Credit: Rachel Nipper
I love the pipe cleaners coming out the blow holes of these cute whales! They're so happy. Kids will love making these friendly sea giants.
Get the Tutorial 11 Egg Carton Monsters Photo Credit: Kate Grono
This is a fun kids craft idea perfect for Halloween. Your monsters can take on a variety of colors, teeth, and number of eyes! You'll love seeing what creatures your kids come up with.
Get the Tutorial 12 Jellyfish Puppets Photo Credit:
These egg carton jellyfish are such a fun and easy craft for the kids to make! After they're done, kids can use them as puppets for imaginative play.
Get the Tutorial 13 Darling Fairy Houses Photo Credit:
Each individual carton piece becomes a tiny house if you just turn it over and add a flag! These are so cute. I want to add glitter to them!
Get the Tutorial 14 Bluebells Flower Craft Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
Save those empty egg cartons and use them to make some bluebells! This egg carton flower craft turns out gorgeous and is perfect for spring, Easter, and Mother’s Day!
Get the Tutorial 15 Ice Cream Cones Photo Credit:
I usually think about using the larger portion of the carton where the egg sits to make my crafts, but I love that these egg box ice cream cones use the in between! Super duper cute.
Get the Tutorial 16 Easy Turtle Egg Carton Craft Photo Credit:
Save your empty egg cartons and make this turtle craft. This is the perfect craft to make with the kiddos that is easy, frugal, and fun! Plus who doesn't love green pom poms?
Get the Tutorial 17 Recycled Mushrooms Photo Credit: Shruti Acharya
When I was little I loved the Smurfs! These remind me of their cutesie little houses, and I want to make a whole forest of them. So sweet!
Get the Tutorial 18 Egg Carton Garden Craft Photo Credit: Kim McLeod
Create your own egg carton garden with paper, popsicle sticks, and recycles. Brighten up a room or family kitchen with your own garden that will bloom year-round!
Get the Tutorial 19 Recycled Egg Carton Tree Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon
When warm weather is coming, I like to think about the trees and plants blooming! Make a tree for Earth Day and to celebrate spring. Add birds for a pretty song!
Get the Tutorial 20 Egg Carton Sharks Photo Credit:
Even if you're a little scared of real sharks, these tiny Chordata are too cute not to love! Easy to make with the typically unused parts of the carton.
Get the Tutorial 21 Colorful Masks Photo Credit:
For some reason these remind me of a neon version of the movie Labyrinth! I never would thought about turning egg cartons into masks, and these are super cool.
Get the Tutorial 22 Cherry Blossom Branch Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro
It's strange to think that recycled materials could be this pretty! Kids can make these, but they are pretty enough to put out as spring mantel decor.
Get the Tutorial 23 Egg Carton Dinosaurs Photo Credit:
These little dinos are too cute! Play with a variety of paint colors and pipe cleaners (why not try glitter?) to make your dinosaurs unique.
Get the Tutorial 24 Sly Fox Craft Photo Credit:
This is a fun kids’ craft project that transforms an egg carton into a sly little fox. It requires a carton, paint, glue, and scissors. You'll want to make several!
Get the Tutorial 25 Egg Carton Jewelry Box Photo Credit: Kate Grono
This project is not only fun but it's useful! Kids can make it and then store all of their jewelry and other small costume goodies within.
Get the Tutorial 26 Fire Truck Craft Photo Credit: Kate Grono
It’s amazing how a humble egg carton combined with a few bottle caps and paper rolls can become a DIY toy for imaginative play. Kids are going to love putting out fires with their unique creation.

Get the Tutorial 27 Pretty Flower Garland Photo Credit: Liz Stanley
Simple yet makes a statement - that's what I love about this egg carton garland! Kids can make it and use it for spring decor. The flowers can be one color or multiple.
Get the Tutorial 28 Darth Vader Photo Credit: Kate Grono
It's hard to find a bigger Star Wars fan than I am! This little Darth Vader made from an egg carton does everything for me. I want to make the entire cast now . . .
Get the Tutorial 29 Earth Day Wreath Photo Credit:
Who knew egg cartons could be so pretty? You'll use a charger to create your wreath and also the chalkboard circle in the middle.
Get the Tutorial 30 Yarn-Wrapped Bee Craft Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
Here is an egg carton bee craft for kids with a unique twist - yarn wrapped black stripes! Not only is this insect craft adorable, but it’s super fun to make too and perfect for preschool and kindergarten.
Get the Tutorial 31 Flower Fairies Photo Credit:
Lisa will show you how to make these decorative flower fairies, perfect for every season – wouldn’t they also be cute in red and white hanging from a Christmas tree?!
Get the Tutorial 32 Sea Life Recycled Craft Photo Credit: Shaunna Evans
Learn how to make a variety of sea creatures using this tutorial! My favorite is the cute little crab with his wiggly eyes.
Get the Tutorial 33 Egg Carton Helicopters Photo Credit: Kate Grono
There are a variety of vehicles you can make with egg boxes, and helicopters are one of them! What I love about these is that the blades really spin.
Get the Tutorial 34 Egg Carton Building Blocks Photo Credit: kim Uliana
I laugh when I think about building blocks with my brothers . . . and then dumping over each other's creations! Hopefully your kids will be nicer with their "block" creations.
Get the Tutorial 35 Flower Crowns Photo Credit: Agnes Hsu
Here’s a pretty floral crown you can make with your kids. See how Agnes turned egg cartons and paper into a pretty flower crown perfect for celebrating springtime with her littles!
Get the Tutorial 36 Cute Little Ladybug Photo Credit: Chelsey Marashian
Ladybugs are always a symbol of good luck to me! Having these little egg carton ladybugs around mean that summer won't be as hot this year, right? That's the kind of luck I need!
Get the Tutorial 37 Fiery Dragon Photo Credit: Rachel Nipper
This red hot dragon is perfect for Chinese New Year! He's blowing a lot of fire out of his mouth, but luckily it's just tissue paper.
Get the Tutorial 38 Egg Box Vehicles Photo Credit: Wonderbly
Planes, trains, automobiles . . . they’re super cute, simple to make at home with your little ones (all you need are scissors, paints and tiny passengers) and have excellent fuel efficiency. Here are a few roadworthy characters to inspire you.
Get the Tutorial 39 Egg Carton Flower Pins Photo Credit: Leslie Manlapig
Typically I wouldn't recommend wearing egg cartons - but these are so cute, it's impossible to exist! Leslie shows you how to turn them into cute flowers.
Get the Tutorial 40 Alligator Affirmation Box Photo Credit:
This is such a cute idea! Not only do you make a reptile out of egg cartons, but you add sweet affirmations inside that kids can read at any time.
Get the Tutorial 41 Handmade Easter Checkers Photo Credit: Tonya Staab
This handmade Easter-themed checkers set uses recycled egg cartons, and
is the perfect craft and activity for kids to enjoy all through spring.
Get the Tutorial 42 Spring Chicks Photo Credit: Kelly Meier
These super cute egg carton chicks are the perfect kids’ craft for spring. Grab some cartons, paint, and a few other craft supplies to make these for Easter or as a rainy day activity!
Get the Tutorial 43 Halloween Treat Boxes Photo Credit: Tonya Staab
I'm in love with these very simple Halloween egg carton treat boxes! Kids will also love to make these, especially when they get filled with treats. Perfect for parties!
Get the Tutorial 44 Egg Carton Turkeys Photo Credit:
Thanksgiving deserves an egg carton craft all its own, don't you think? These little gobblers are really cute and colorful, and easy for kids of any age to make.
Get the Tutorial 45 How to Make Holly Garland Photo Credit:
Would I stick egg cartons in my tree? After seeing this holly garland . . . absolutely! It's so fun and colorful, and I want to make a blue and silver themed one for my tree this year.
Get the Tutorial 46 Santa, Elf, and Christmas Tree Photo Credit:
These little cuties are ready for their Christmas debut! What other characters can you make out of egg cartons for Christmas? I think these are just the beginning!
Get the Tutorial 47 Poinsettia Canvas
This easy Christmas craft for kids will be a cute addition to your holiday decor! Families can make this poinsettia canvas together.
Get the Tutorial 48 Egg Carton Reindeer Craft Photo Credit:
I'm not sure if you want this little Rudolph to guide your sleigh, but he sure is fun! These sweet reindeer would be a great kids' classroom holiday activity.
Get the Tutorial 49 Egg Carton Penguins Photo Credit:
What is it about penguins? Always happy and always friendly! At least that's how I think they are. These little guys crafted out of egg cartons are no exception.
Get the Tutorial 50 Egg Carton Snowman Photo Credit: Kimberly McLeod
If you need an easy craft for a cold winter day, then try making this
egg carton snowman! These little snowmen are so much fun to make. Their pipe cleaner earmuffs take the cake!
Get the Tutorial
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