#TheCraftedWife: What’s On Our Wedding Registry

What's On Our Wedding RegistryWe finally finished our wedding registry and I thought it would be fun to share what we chose + give you a chance to tell us anything that we missed but may regret not adding! It took a while to build this list because we wanted to be thoughtful and to really think ahead at what life will look like down the road. We did a few in person registry events, and then did a mix of just adding items from our favorite sites. I suggest you start with an in person event to build yours so that you can get a sense for what items are like in person (the weight of silverware, the texture of dishes, etc). Plus you’ll often get some store time to yourselves before they open and it feels special.  

Whether you’re getting married and need some help building your own registry, or you just want to shop for some new items for your home, here’s what we added to our wedding registry!

What's On Our Wedding Registry

Kitchen + Dining

Juicer Attachment

Serving Bowl

Utensil Holder

Glass Storage

Pink Kettle

Flatware— Ryan’s dream gift!

Kate Spade Serving Bowl


The fine china debate got HEATED on Instagram, but here’s where we landed: we registered for both a set of day to day dishes as well as a nicer set that’s something we wouldn’t typically be able to afford. Not exactly fine china, but something when we pull out will feel special to us! When picking items for our kitchen and dining, we really thought ahead to the life we’re going to have as a married couple. We see children and dinner parties and a house down the road, so we registered for enough for that. That’s honestly the best part about building a registry, day dreaming about your future.

It also helps to set a color scheme for your items so that it feel cohesive when everything arrives. We went with theme of blues, teals, pinks, and blush for our kitchen items and I just love it so so much. 

What's On Our Wedding RegistryAround the House

Gold Hangers

Steam Mop

Frame TV — our biggest splurge item


Capri Book–one of the stops on our honeymoon!

Record Player— my dream gift


Cactus + Fern Candle— my all time favorite candle

We definitely have some splurge items on this list, but the good news is that we added them from sites that allow wedding guests to split the cost of a product. We already have furniture that we like, so we focused on other items that we own but would like to upgrade. *Registry tip* take a look around your home, take note of what you love and don’t, and then build your list from there!

What's On Our Wedding RegistryBath/Linen

Striped Bath Towels

Bamboo Sheets 

Splurge-Worthy Towels

Napkin Set

Our smallest section on the registry, but still a very important one! I really want to cut down on our paper towel use, so I registered for a few sets of cloth napkins. They’ll also really come in handy for entertaining and dinner parties! We also have a set of the sheets I listed here, but added a second for backup because they’re so so good. And the towels. Oh the splurge-worthy towels. It’s not something we’d ever buy for ourselves, which made them perfect for the registry. 

What's On Our Wedding RegistryCooking

Splatter Screen

Wusthof Knifes 

Vitamix Blender

Grinder Set

Dutch Oven

Silicon Utensils

Pizza Pan

Colander Set

A majority of our registry items are in fact for cooking and the kitchen. We’ve been cooking a lot at home to save up for the wedding, so we’ve been able to take stock of what we have and don’t have for the registry. Plus there’s something so satisfying about being able to upgrade from Ikea to William Sonoma and getting those pieces that should last us for years and years to come.

What's On Our Wedding RegistryBaking

Oven Mitts

Cake Pan

Muffin Pan

French Rolling Pin

Pastry Blender

Cookie Bakeware

Pie Dishes

Kitchen Torch

Lastly, baking! Baking is by far my choice of what to do in the kitchen and so we added all the pans + accessories needed to be able to make just about anything. At least I think we did! If you noticing something not on the list– leave a comment below!

So that’s it! Of course I couldn’t list every time item on our registry here (we also did cash funds for parts of our honeymoon), so click here to see everything in full! Note: we’re using the Knot for the registry but have a separate Minted site for the wedding so that we could customize the details to match our stationery. 

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