The Gifts Our Editors Are Giving This Holiday Season

Picking out the right giftrequirescreativity and the clarity tosortthrough an avalanche of nifty gadgets. Thankfully, thats something our editors have gotten rather good at over the years, as we test gear for everything from the ski slopes to the campfire. Heres what we have on our shopping lists.

Suunto D4i Novo Sun Watch ($650)

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(Photo: Courtesy Suunto)

This watch is cute enough to wear when youre not in the waterbut has great, easy-to-use features that serious divers love. The display is less cluttered than most dive computers. It has four different modes (including freediving), and you can log your dives in the watch itself a nice alternative to the typical analog process.

Claire Hyman, editorial assistant

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Advice on Unplugging (Free to $130)

Unfortunately, I am the person who, though well-intentioned, shoves her obsession with mindfulness andself-improvementonto her friends and family. Luckily, theyve learned that this is how I show affection, and they politely listen and nod to my endless stream of media recommendations. A sampling of things Im excited to share this holiday season includesAtomic Habits, by James Clear, How to Do Nothing, by Jenny Odell, and theHappiness Lab podcast, from Laurie Santos, who teaches Yales legendary happiness course. Im also givingthe new (and now waterproof!) Kindle Paperwhite, which is the best thing I purchased for myself this year and has increased my tendency to read exponentially.

Jenny Earnest, audience development director

Atomic HabitsHow to Do Nothing Kindle Paperwhite

Slip Silk Pillowcase and Other Goodies ($45 to $95)

holiday gifts
(Photo: Courtesy Slip)

This year Ill be givingmyself a hair-and-skin-friendlySlipsilk pillowcase(you can be outdoorsy andhave good hair, right?). Im gettingWild Rye bike shorts, which come in the coolest patterns and a women-specific fit, for my badass mountain-biking mother, and a little hut trip/Airbnb getaway to an undisclosed location for my loved one. Oh, and alsothis insanely cool book,Great Women Artists,for the art teacher in my life.

Petra Zeiler, art director

Silk PillowcaseWild Rye bike shortsGreat Women Artists

Fishing Lessons (Price Varies, but Always Make Sure to Tip)

Im giving my husband a full-day fly-fishing lesson with a local outfitter. We moved from a place near the sea where he did a lot of casting from shore, but river fishing is a different practice, and every time we go out, he tends to stalk the men wearing waders and easily wielding a rod amid the rapids. Its about time he started catching some fish again!

Tasha Zemke, copy editor

Saltverk Hand-Harvested Salt($11 and Up)

holiday gifts
(Photo: Courtesy Saltverk)

Everyone has too much stuff these days, so Im gifting elegant Icelandic sea salt by Saltverk. The Flaky variety is perfect on avocado toast, the Birch Smoked pairs great with a glass of reposado, and the charcoal-infused Lava is spot-on for that friend whos always doing a cleanse.

Aleta Burchyski, associate managing editor

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A Little Taste of a Japanese Spa ($5 to $40)

holiday gifts
(Photo: Courtesy Ten Thousand Waves)

About 20 minutes away from our Santa Fe office is aJapanese-style spaoutdoor baths, saunas, foot tubs, the works. Its the perfect place to unwind after a long, cold day in the mountains. The best part, though, are the free samples of lotion in the front lobby. I leave with freakishly soft skin and smelling like 12 kinds of pine tree and tropical fruit. While I cant treat my loved ones to a visit, I plan to stock up on a few bottles and export the luxury.

Philip Kiefer, editorial fellow

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Swag Your Culinary Family Member Didnt Know They Needed ($30 to $40)

Anyone who is close to me knows that I currentlywatch Bon AppetitsYouTube channel morning, afternoon, and night. If Im not editing a video of my own, Im probably listening to the chefs in itstest kitchen attempting to make gourmet Mentosor perfectinga fresh batch of ginger beer. The shows are everything I aspire to make and more. A coworker just tipped me off to itsnewly released merch collection,and if youre on my gift list this year, youll be getting aWourder Yeti water bottle or This Is How You Temper Chocolate T-shirt.

Emily Reed, video producer

Yeti Water BottleT-Shirt

Onsen Bath-Towel Set($100)

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(Photo: Courtesy Onsen)

Some might say that gifting towels is like gifting socksor a set of bedsheets. Theyre everyday items that most of us usebut dont usually spark much excitement when we receive them, as opposed to, say, a new smartwatch. That doesnt have to be the case. Ive been using these Onsen bath towels exclusively for the past year, andtheyll make a better gift than any shiny tech gadget. Theirquick-drying time blew me away. Credit the big, cotton waffle weave that lets the fabric breathe after absorbing a ton of water. My old towels would stay damp and musty through the day (my bathroom has no windows), but the Onsens were dry to the touch when it was time for another shower. I know that these towels will get usedand thats what makes them excellent gifts.

Jeremy Rellosa, reviews editor

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All-Wool Everything ($16 to $150)

We are living in the golden age of wool, and for that, I am thankful. And this holiday season, my family will be, too. One of my brothers will get his own pair ofOuterknowns Woolaroo Trunks, an item I woreall summer and thatstill look brand-new. My father will appreciate theseGlerups Slip-Ons, which keep my feet warm on cold desert nights but not too hot when Im near the fire. I wear thisUnbound Merino Shirt for more days in a row without washing than I care to admit. But I will share the secretand a freshywith my father-in-law, who appreciates that kind of thing. I love thisRidge Merino Convict Hoodie for biking to the office and for high-output activities on cold days; my mother will appreciate it for morning walks on the Oregon coast. And everyone on my list might just getDarn Tough Socks in their stockings.

Will Taylor, gear director

Woolaroo TrunksGlerupsMerino ShirtConvict HoodieDarn Tough Socks