Sunday again

These weeks are going so fast as are the days. Both man and dog are snoozing off breakfast and I thought I'd take the opportunity to peek into blogland. It's thankfully, noticeably cooler today. One of my real life chums gave me the top tip of filling a hot water bottle with cold water  then sticking it in the freezer. Pop the frozen bottle in its cover, or wrap in a towel....and take it to bed! I've had two brilliant nights of sleep without the uncomfortable overheating feeling of previous nights. Bliss!
I've more dog bags under construction and am just really enjoying the freedom of the time to sew. The HG is off work now until I go back and we will be going to stay in the NE with Miss 26 next week for a few days. I am determined he is also going to put up the magnetic fly screen he's been promising for quite some time now! I'd do it myself but cannot due to the constraints of the building near the back door. It needs a bit of jiggery pokery.  My dog is hilarious with her sock fetish! She is often seen with a stolen pair of socks in her mouth - her favourite ones tend to be my hand knitted ones or the HG expensive wool ones!

Yesterday we were mostly in the garden, we had our first BBQ of the year for tea. And those are 4 of the bags so far! I might go do a bit more before we take Madam out for her Sunday walkies. Because it's cooler, there's no urgency to do it first thing. Hence the relaxed atmosphere of my lounge

Lots of love from 
Rachel * at one with the world* Radiostar xxx