Say goodbye to dull razor blades! Keep them sharp with these 5 tips

When it comes to cultivating the right image and making an excellent first impression, whether in the boardroom or on a first date, achieving the smoothest of shaves is essential. While facial hair has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, red carpet events and important meetings call for a more refined look – so if you’ve been taking the lockdown chic look a little too literally, then it’s time to get your grooming routine well and truly back in check. 

For the closest, cleanest shave, keeping your razor blades sharp is essential. Dull blades won’t give you the silky smooth result you desire, and they can also cause more painful nicks to your sensitive skin. Not only do they hurt, but they can quickly spoil any carefully polished look – so keeping yours in mint condition is essential if you want to get it right.

Here, our good friends over at leading shaving brand Bolin Webb take a look at some simple ways to increase the longevity of your razor blades and keep them sharper for longer, minimising mishaps and promising impeccable results when you need them.

Bolin Webb provides a range of excellent quality blades to keep your face feeling baby smooth

Dry your blades after every use

. Water on the blades will cause them to corrode, meaning and lose their sharpness as a result, which will prevent you from achieving that cutting-edge shave you desire. After each shave, wash the blades thoroughly before drying them off with a towel, cotton balls or buds. Be careful not to get any fluff in them, however, as this can clog blades and compromise your next shave.

Keep them out of the bathroom

Most men tend to keep their razors in their open bathroom cabinets or on the side of the sink, but humidity in the air caused by baths and showers can have the exact same effect as failing to dry off the blades after shaving. Store your razor set in a cool, dry room, such as a bedroom cupboard, to avoid the corrosive effect of humidity. If the bathroom is your only option for storage, keep your razor and blades tucked away in a case inside a closed cabinet or drawer to help reduce the dulling effect.

Ensure your blades remain well-oiled

Applying oil to your razor blades will help to stop the corrosive effect of water and prevent your blades from rusting. You can use baby oil or even the regular household cooking oils that you might find in your kitchen, such as olive oil or vegetable oil. Simply soak the blades briefly in the oil, and you’re good to go.

However, if your razor has a moisture strip, don’t try this, because oil can dissolve it and spoil your razor – which, let’s face it, is the exact opposite of what you’re aiming to achieve.

Moisture is one of the primary reasons your blades might start to dull more quickly

Cover your razor after each shave

After cleaning and drying your razor following each wet shave, remember to put the cover back over your blades. Again, this will help to keep the moisture away from the sensitive metal and stop it from corroding or rusting. It’s a simple trick, and an easy way to extend the life of the blades and ensure you get that close shave for longer, so be sure to take the extra time in your routine to do it and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Use good quality razors and blades

Finally, the better the quality of your razor blades, the longer they will stay sharp, especially if you follow these tips for cleaning, drying, and storing them correctly. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and an expertly engineered razor and blades will make all the difference.

Bolin Webb provides a range of excellent quality blades to keep your face feeling baby smooth. Click here to browse our range.

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