Organizing Tune-Ups – Episode 11: Bathrooms

When it comes to organizing spaces, the bathroom is a really important one. Because it is where we get ready every morning. And typically end our day before jumping into bed.

So we are breaking down ways to organize your bathroom on Organizing Tune-Ups Podcast.

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Show Notes For Organizing Tune-Ups Podcast

Bathrooms can be the biggest spot of unwanted clutter in the house! We tend to put extra or random things under the sink or in the drawers where they can be hidden.

The first step is to decide which method of decluttering will work best for you – drawer-by-drawer or full clean-out. This will be completely dependent on you!

Start removing all the things that do not work in the space. Donating extra items or samples to a local women’s shelter is always a great option. Now you can see exactly what you have.

Group like items together. Store them together in a drawer or cabinet.

The towel question is a very common question I get! How many towels are enough? I recommend two towels per person in the house, plus extras for guests. An exception would be if you do laundry only once a week or even less, then four towels per person may fit your situation a little better. For beach towels, I also recommend two per person. A great place to donate extra towels is your local animal shelter!

Instead of stockpiling things in your bathroom, start using what you have! This will help to keep your bathroom organized.

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