Miguel Barclay’s £1 recipes: couscous paella, charred veg and feta

A couscous ‘paella’ made mostly from store-cupboard staples, and a warm salad of caramelised vegetables with feta

Couscous is a much overlooked store-cupboard ingredient that should definitely feature in your midweek meals. It’s a great way to bulk out a meal and is super-fast to cook, too.I don’t like to do that “boiling water in a bowl with a tea towel over the top” thing, though; I prefer to cook my couscous in a warm pan, which gives it a slightly drier and firmer texture that works well when mixed with other ingredients.

Recipes adapted from Meat-Free One Pound Meals and Super-Easy One Pound Meals, both by Miguel Barclay and published by Headline at £16.99.

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