Laundry Room Restyle Week 1 – One Room Challenge

Hello and Welcome to another home makeover series here at Timeless Creations! We decided to join in with 20 other designers and many other home bloggers on the One Room Challenge this spring since Kristen now has a completely new home to remodel. So here we are, going ready to start a whole new home by taking on the laundry room first! (To See Kristen’s full home at move-in day see the post HERE).

One Room Challenge

But let’s take a look to see what the Laundry Room looked like as we were moving in.

This is the view from the hall going to the rest of the house.

It is a really great space actually. A large room that doubles as the mudroom off the garage and the laundry room together. So it has a lot of traffic and a lot of doors in it. Since we just moved into a large home and amidst all of the Covid-19 issues we don’t have a very large budget for this restyle. While I would like to get a new counter top eventually – that isn’t going to happen this go around. I also thought about doing some kind of tile backsplash as well but I don’t know if I should do that if I am eventually going to redo the counter. SO….lets take a look at what we CAN do to get us by until we have the budget for items like that.

This is the view from the garage.

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • New light fixture
  • New rug(s)
  • Paint drop leaf table and use for a folding table
  • Paint the mirror or replace
  • Paint the gold towel bar
  • Decorate

I am a huge fan of just using paint to transform a space – so that is mostly what will be done for this restyle! The cabinets are in great shape and are solid oak – but so is everything else in the house. Oak for days…which is great for the floor, but is just too monotone for me. So pretty much all of the cabinets in my home will eventually get painted. I love white cabinets.

The walls will be getting a new color as well! All of the walls in my home are an off white which goes really well with all of the oak. But I think I am going to add a pop of color to this room! Laundry rooms and small bathrooms are fun to add some color or wallpaper or other fun treatments.

Here is an example of the wall color I would like to achieve for this room:

(Source: unknown)

I love this wall color next to the wood windows, trim and floor, as well as all those white built-ins.

Another project that I actually already started is painting a small drop leaf table that was previously just sitting in my garage. Since I have a top load washer I can’t do a folding table on top of my washer and dryer like I had at my old home. I absolutely loved that, but won’t be able to do that until we get front loaders. So instead I am going to use an old drop leaf table that was just collecting dust before! I might as well use it! But it had a terrible finish on the top with splatters of paint on it already – so it got a chippy look with some white milk paint! (I’ll share that table in the coming weeks)

Then we will have little things like changing out the light fixture, adding some new rugs, and doing something with the mirror. I haven’t decided if I want to completely replace with a vintage style mirror, or just make this plain one into something more! I will think on it.

Here is my inspiration board of items I like:

Make sure you stay tuned with our new makeover series over at Kristen’s house! And if you want to check out what rooms other designers and bloggers are doing, head over to the One Room Challenge page.

See you next week!

Here are links to where you can find the items in my mood board. Mirror / Paint Color / Rug / Light Fixture

Vicki & Kristen