Karlie Kloss Ridiculously Good In-Flight Beauty Routine

How does someone who is paid to look good on arrival deal with a beauty routine at the tail end of a long flight? Karlie Kloss broke it down in detail recently on IGTV and she's inspiring us to break out our beauty freak flag big time

Whether it's for a vacation, a destination wedding or an important work trip, flying for hours on end can suck the life out of our skin a major beauty dilemma since were hoping to look our best once we arrive. KK is giving us permission to go ALL the way with skincare in flight. We may not be working models - and were pretty sure every travel buddy weve got would ruin us for using an exfoliator like this! - however, there are some great learnings here. Do what you dare, and enjoy our clean swaps below for each step...

The Ultimate In-Flight Beauty Routine

Karlie kloss beauty jao


Use this antibacterial sanitizer on your hands before you touch your face. You don't want any germs transferred from travel surfaces to skin!

skyn iceland cleansing facial wipesSKYN iceland: GLACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHS | CHECK OUT

We swear by these gentle face cleansing cloths. A few good swipes all over will remove any lingering makeup and grime.

OLEHENRIKSEN Transforming Walnut Scrubole henriksen transforming walnut scrub | CHECK OUT

If you want to be completely extra a la Karlie Kloss, full-on exfoliatein first-class, no lessto deep cleanse. Follow with a hot towel to remove excess.

Karlie kloss beauty joanna vargasJOANNA VARGAS: BRIGHT EYE FIRMING MASK | CHECK OUT

This eye sheet mask will help brighten and de-puff before landing.

pai bioaffinity skin tonic lotus and orange blossom

pai: bioaffinity SKIN TONIC | CHECK OUT

A few spritzes will instantly refresh, hydrate and wake-up skin.

MOUNT LAI De-Puffing Rose Quartz Facial Roller Mini


Kloss rolls her face generously along the jawline and around the eyes to break up any congestion and reduce puffinessand you should too.

Goldie Face Roller SKIN GYM

skin gym: goldie face roller | CHECK OUT

We told you this was extraKloss also brings along a metal roller to smooth worry lines between the eyes and around the mouth. A metal roller like this one boosts circulation and breaks bad muscular habits beneath the skin.

 DRUNK ELEPHANT Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer with Ceramides


Karlie used upward strokes and a good facial massage to work in a rich moisturizer to counter the drying hours in-flight.

rms beauty concealer

rms beauty: un cover-up concealer |CHECK OUT

Use under the eyes and anywhere redness appears in the face.

ilia brow gel clean beauty

ilia: essential brow |CHECK OUT

Brow gel to keep strays in place provides a surprisingly high-impact effect.

w3ll people expressionist mascaraw3ll people: expressionist mascara |CHECK OUT

Our favorite eye-brightening mascara. If theres one step you go for in this routine, its this.

bite beauty bite lip pencil

bite beauty: bite lip pencil | CHECK OUT

For a hint of color, and to accentuate the shape of your lips apply at the lip line then gently fill in.

ilia multi stick


Our favorite multi-tasker, for just the right amount of color on lips and cheeks.

playa dry shampoo

playa: pure dry shampoo |CHECK OUT

And for a hair boost, spray down your part to absorb oil. Rake your fingers through to distribute, give a good shake and go!

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