It’s Time to Vote for Our August U-Pick Sewing Project!

Fall sewing is here! That means back to school sewing, gift sewing, and gnome sewing! This month (as usual), I’m going to let you vote to help me decide what my next free sewing pattern will be.

Now, let me try to prevent any confusion. The three project ideas that I will share for you to vote on are things that I haven’t made yet. You get to vote on your favorite and then I’ll sew up the most popular idea! It is inevitable that every month someone will email me asking where the tutorial is for one of the projects that didn’t win.

That’s why it’s so important that you come back and vote every day to make sure your favorite project wins. Even though I love all three projects and really want to make them all, I know I won’t have time.

july crossbody 14

In case you didn’t see the free pattern, last month’s Perfect Cross Body Purse Pattern turned out fabulous! I really love using mine AND hearing from my readers about all the ones you are making too (tell me in the comments).

If you want, check out ALL of the U-Pick Winning Projects HERE.

But I know what you really came here for is to vote… so let’s get on with picking our next sewing project!

The first two projects that I’ll be presenting for you to vote on are ideas that readers emailed me about. Rhonda asked me to make a tutorial for a towel wrap that included elastic and was secured with velcro. Here’s a cute one that I found on Amazon.

I’m not crazy about the bow, but I do love the simplicity of this design and the fact that I could make it out of a large fluffy towel. There’s also a matching hair wrap, which might be fun to make too.

Would you vote for it?

Another reader (Miranda) asked me to make a pattern for this clever double sided school supply case. I do like the fact that there are two compartments and one is see through and the other is not.

What do you think? Will it get your vote?

And finally, You know I can’t sew enough gnomes! I have made a new gnome pattern every year for the past few years now and I’m itching to make another. This sweet and simple gnome looks so adorable and I LOVE his soft long hat. We could make him large enough to be a doorstop or small enough to be a fall or Christmas paperweight. What do you think?

The poll to vote is below…

What Sewing Project Do You Want Me to Make and Then Show You How?

In order to prevent people from ‘stuffing the vote,’ you are only allowed to vote once per 24-hour period. Hopefully this will give everyone a fair chance to tell me what they want me to make – and how badly they want it. Let me know what you think in the comments!
Whatever project wins, I’ll be sewing my own  version and then giving you a tutorial soon after that.

Next Monday voting will be closed and I’ll announce the winner. Then I’ll get started sewing it up. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss the free tutorial.



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