I have reviewed a lot of good sewing videos, but this sewing video by Rosery Apparel on Youtube is outstanding

In this video, you will learn to make five sewing projects that are very quick and easy. All of these projects are so useful as well and all can be made with scraps or even upcycled old clothes. In the video, you will learn how to make a tea towel out of linen or any thin fabric, by simply folding the edges over and sewing down, these turn out so beautiful and professional looking. You will also learn how to make scrunchies for your hair, a simple tote bag, a pillowcase, and some really cute hankies. The Youtuber, Rosery, makes all these projects look absolutely effortless and she gives the dimensions that you need to cut your fabric so there is no need for a pattern. All the projects are perfect to fill up a boring afternoon and the best part about them is the fact that they all require only a minimal amount of time to execute and the results of your labor will be immediately visible, literally, these projects take 10 to 15 minutes.
Materials: Fabric (upcycled, new, or scraps, whatever you have will work) Thread A sewing machine An iron Pins (or Wonder Clips) Directions:
You will learn how to make scrunchies in the most simple, straightforward way, this pattern idea is so easy.

Then you will learn to make this tote bag in ten minutes or less with a great little cutting and sewing method.

These are all great projects, I really love them all.
10 Minute Sewing Projects
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