How To Restore a Bike [Video]


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How to Restore a bike that has been neglected.


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hey kids

so today’s video is actually sponsored

by stay bill they have a new line of

bike products um and i’m gonna try those

out on a bike that uh my wife and i we

were out walking and somebody had set

their bike out there


and said free so i’m like that’s kind of

a cool little bike so um i picked it up

and i’m gonna go ahead and try to clean

it up this one this particular one is a

bike cleaner and protectant

and then this one is a lubricant for the

chain um so it’s a new line and as you

know my brother did a video before with


with their gas additives and he’s always

said great things about them i think

stable’s a good company and they wanted

to again support my channel so and

support what we’re trying to do on my

channel so

uh i thought yeah it would make sense to

go ahead and do another video with you

um so uh i do have a dad joke for you

before we get started so this is

actually kind of an original so

the unicycle kept asking the bicycle to

come out and play

but the bicycle was always too tired

ah so anyway let’s get started

okay so before we get started i just

wanted to show you what this looks like

this is what we got and i’m going to

kind of show you a little bit closer but

i wanted to walk you through that and

just kind of show that some guys are

doing some roofing

near my house so

you’ll hear some noise in the background

but just wanted to kind of show this to

you um yeah before

before we clean it up good so i’ll get a

little bit closer real quick

all right so as you can see it’s been

neglected quite a bit it’s uh pretty

funky so hopefully this will

this will clean up nice i think the

tires might even be need to be replaced

um because they look like they’re kind

of cracking a little bit so but we’re

gonna do our best to try to bring it

back to

pretty close to what it looked like when

it was new it should be pretty sharp i

think uh i think the first thing i’ll do

is i’ll probably hose it off

because there’s some mud on the tires

and stuff so

uh anyway i’ll just show you what that

looks like



so it’s got that area too that looks

that should clean up pretty nice i think

this thing’s gonna look pretty cool when

we get done with it um you know it might

this uh product probably won’t take off

the rust if this uh

has obviously been left out in the rain

and so

we’re gonna do my best to to clean it up



yeah so we’ll see what what all it’s

able to take care of i think what i’ll

do now is i’m just going to take a towel

and wipe it all down and then we’ll come

back and we’ll apply that uh

that stay bill to it okay


and it says on the on this that you can

apply it to a rag or you can apply it

directly to it if it’s if uh if it’s

really dirty so we’re gonna go probably

go ahead and just apply it directly to


so you know what it feels like it feels

like a kind of like a wax almost like

it’s putting on a nice

finish for it as it’s cleaning it i like


and one of the things it says that it’s

able to do

is that it’s uh

you um

uh over time it’ll just you can just

kind of rinse it off and clean it and uh

so i think it puts on kind of like a

nice wax finish for you so let’s see

here see what it does to this here

okay so far it’s cleaning up actually

pretty nice here

just keep hitting it

obviously this thing’s been neglected it

was left out in the rain so but i think

we can get it to a point where it’s

going to look

a lot sharper

it’s kind of a cool little bike kind of

a retro look to it

yeah it’s a shame though it’s got some

white dots on it from somebody maybe


painted something and it’s got some

overspray on it so

that’s a shame so i don’t think there’s

anything we can do about that but

we can at least get it clean

and then the the chain’s pretty rusted


so stable makes a product for that as


to to lubricate the chain so um we’ll do

that as soon as we get this

get this as clean as we can

i can’t complain too much it was free

right so if it’s free you know it’s kind

of hard to

poke holes in the thing right

so if you wanted to do a real thorough

job right you could take this apart


and then kind of clean it and put it


so you can get into every little nook

and cranny

which i might end up doing

but again it’s a free bike so

i don’t know how much time i’m going to

spend on it we’ll see here

yeah it’s a shame see these are all

rusted so you could you know um they

make spray paint that kind of looks you

know it’s not going to be chrome but

it’ll be silver and you’ll you could uh

you could clean it up

clean that up pretty good if you just

took it apart and spray painted it

and i might end up doing that we’ll see

yeah it’s cleaning up pretty good and

like i said you can kind of feel that

it’s got a little bit of a finish to it

too so that will protect it too

so far so good

yeah these things are just too far gone

they’re too rusty i don’t think there’s

anything we can do about that nice thing

about this product too it says it works

on uh on tires too so we’ll try to clean

that up but as you can see if you can

see that see how it’s all cracked these

are all cracked so it’s just this thing

has just been

uh left out in the rain uh it’s kind of

cleaning that up though but

i don’t think it’s gonna

be able to restore it though


but this red will polish up nice here

uh it is removing the dirt but i don’t

think it can do anything about those

cracks in the

in the rubber unfortunately so we’ll uh

we may end up having to get a new

a new uh

a new tire on for both of them if we

wanted to go that far

it’s kind of a cool little bike i think

i don’t know it doesn’t have doesn’t

look like it has any gears

uh it just has you know probably a kick

back to break it um so there’s not much

to it which is probably a nice starter

bike for somebody

for an adult that maybe hasn’t ridden a

bike before

okay i’m not going to have you sit here

and just watch me

do this the whole time i might end up

like i said taking it apart but you

understand what i’m trying to do here

i’m trying to get this thing nice and


and then i’ll show you what it looks

like when i get done

all right so it rained on me


we haven’t had rain around here in


close to a month and a half and it

rained yesterday so i i left this bike

out and actually it kind of maybe is a

good thing because you can see

where i cleaned it it’s all beading up

because that stuff is kind of like a wax

to protect it so

yeah so i think the bike actually looks

pretty good um

and then they actually have a another

product um

to keep your chain lubricated so i’m

gonna go ahead and add that right now

okay so here’s what i’m gonna be using

and then i have this

my bike upside down and there is an

inner seal on here that you have to

actually peel off

before you can do this and then you just

open it up


and we’re just going to pedal

got to get the hang of it here

got to get a system going here

there we go

that should restore that thing pretty

good i think so

okay it looks like it’s pretty good

yeah so this is a lubricant too so you

could you could lubricate your wheel too

you know back here

as well

your sprockets

and in here



all right so you can see this particular

bike doesn’t have any gears so if you

had all those gears you could use this

for that too

okay so as you can see we basically

brought this uh bike back to life it

just needed a little tlc cleaned it all

up uh lubed it up and it should the

finish should stay stay good now with

that protectant on it um i just gotta

add a little air to the tires and and

it’s ready to ride

okay so what’d you think i thought that


the bike actually came out pretty well

um and this stuff really worked well

it’s it uh as you saw in the in the


you know when i went to clean it um

it was pretty funky uh first and so and

then the nice thing about this so this

not only cleans but then it leaves a

nice protectant on your on your bike

uh kind of like a wax and so you know we

actually had rain as you saw and

um it beat it up uh so i think that just

shows that the product is working kind

of unique that we had that opportunity

it wasn’t planned but uh anyway so you

got to see that and then also this

lubricant to be able to bring that chain

back too because that chain was so rusty

uh yeah so and it’s good to you know

have your chain

be lubed so that it can um

you know

you can pedal freely because if you

don’t then it’s gonna be stiff right so

um and i hope this video will actually

um i’ll probably end up doing a few more

videos now on bike related type things

um you know show you how to fix a flat

uh you know i

as time permits i’ll get to all this but

um and then how to put your chain back

on because people have asked how do you

do that and that’s if you’ve never done

it before

it might be a little complicated but it

really isn’t all that hard uh so i’ll

walk you through all that stuff uh as we

continue to put up these videos for you


i hope this was helpful for you thanks

for watching and god bless you

This post was previously published on YouTube.


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