How to Clean Battery Corrosion

how to clean battery corrosion

Have you ever wondered how to clean battery corrosion out of your favorite toys and electronics? Or maybe you didnt even realize you COULD clean battery corrosion!?

Yes! It is possible to clean mild to moderate battery corrosion!

As Ill show you in this post, its actually really simple to do.


Since we often give our children used toys as birthday and Christmas gifts, and since I regularly buy kids items on Craigslist, it is not uncommon for me to come across a fair amount of battery corrosion.

Thankfully, I learned how to clean battery corrosion a few years ago. As a result, weve been enjoying even more second-hand bargains!

If you have any corroded toys or electronics lying around your house, test out my tips and bring new life back to your old treasures!

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How To Clean Battery Corrosion

How To Clean Battery Corrosion

Have you ever wondered how to clean battery corrosion (or even if it's possible to do so)? Yes, it is possible to clean mild to moderate battery corrosion -- and as I'll show you, it's actually really simple to do!

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper towels or cleaning rag
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Baking soda
  • Water


    STEP 1: Remove and discard old batteries.

    In almost all cases of battery corrosion, you'll need to dispose of the old batteries.

    In my experience, it's fairly easy to clean the corrosion off the toy or other electronic, but you can't really "clean" it off the batteries.

    STEP 2: Wipe out any loose chunks.

    Sometimes you won't need to do this, but if there are any loose chunks of corrosion, I try to wipe those out with a damp paper towel (or just shake them out).

    STEP 3: Make a paste of baking soda and water.

    You'll only need a teaspoon or so of baking soda and just a few drops of water.

    I use a cotton swab and a small bowl to mix it into a paste.

    STEP 4: Rub the paste onto the corroded areas.

    Using the cotton swab, simply rub a small amount of the baking soda paste on and around the corroded area until the corrosion starts to rub off. Use new cotton swabs as necessary.

    STEP 5: Wipe out excess with a paper towel.

    Once you have the corroded area mostly cleaned out, use a damp (almost dry) paper towel to wipe out the area. Then let it air dry before putting new batteries in.

    STEP 6: Test it with new batteries.

    Put new batteries in the unit and test to see if it works!

    There have been a couple of times when this cleaning method has not worked for me, but for the most part, once I put new batteries in, the item works just like new again!

Andrea Dekker
I cant even begin to add up how much money Ive saved buying used toys, electronics, games, and other battery-powered items over the years especially once I learned this quick & simple cleaning tip!

I know it wont work every single time, but considering it only takes a few minutes and a tiny bit of baking soda, it cant hurt to give it a try.

Have you ever magically fixed a favorite toy or game by cleaning up battery corrosion?

Do you have any other tips to clean battery corrosion?

Bonus tip: if youre giving a gift that requires batteries this Christmas include a pack of extra batteries!

I know it will be appreciated

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how to clean battery corrosion


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