Ghostly Quartet Ghost Patterns Revisited

Don’t let these ghosts scare you away! With Halloween near, it’s time to break out these apparitions and revisit this ghostly quartet! These patterns will bring lots of fun from a candy bag, napkin ring, lollipop cover and towel topper!  

As the shadows grow long, fall leaves stir like a whirlwind in the air, and the days grow longer and chillier, it’s time to think Halloween. And the kids will LOVE our Ghostly Tootsie Lollipop Cover featured in the top left. It’s not only fun but a great way to dress those tootsie roll pops everyone loves. Don’t you just love the tootsie roll middle! Hey, don’t fiddle with the middle!

Of course every one needs a towel topper that addresses the holiday and/or season… and you can’t go wrong with our Ghostly Towel Ring that is made so the towel can be laundered separately! You’ll love it and so will your family – featured in the top right corner!

The bottom left image captures our sweet candy bag; the Halloween Goody Bag which is perfect for little ones or for a goody bag to gift each child attending a party. They’ll love the ghost on one side and the word; “boo” on the other. A drawstring closes the top and viola; a little bag everyone will love!

And one of my favorite napkin rings that always brings a smile is the Ghostly Napkin Ring – adorable! Worked around a craft ring in one piece makes this an easy and super fast project that everyone will get a kick out of. But you could use it for more than just a napkin ring; how about a photo frame magnet or…
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Ghostly Door Hanger
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