Furniture Refurbishing Hacks For Upgrading Your Space On A Budget

Whether you're looking for home DIYs you can do in three days, or you're hoping to boost your home's property value, refurbishing furniture is a great way to make your space look like new. With a little elbow grease (which includes stripping old paint, covering up holes, and replacing hardware), you can turn an old piece of furniture into something that no one else on earth has.

While refurbishing isn't necessarily exclusive to wooden furniture, that's what we'll be covering in this story. Check out our guide to flipping furniture for other pieces and materials!

How To Refurbish Furniture

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The first thing you'll need to refurbish an old piece of furniture is, well, an old piece of furniture! Once you've figured out what you're refinishing, and what you want it to look like when you're done, then you can get to work with the actual DIY process.

What Does It Mean To Refurbish Furniture?

Refurbishing furniture is when you take a piece of furniture and replace all the old paint, hardware, or upholstery with new materials. If you like the style of your old piece, you can use the same paint color and either clean the hardware or buy new pieces that look similar.

What Do You Need To Refurbish Furniture?

  • Scraper
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hardware

How Do You Refurbish Furniture?

When you break it down into steps, refurbishing furniture is actually a fairly simple process. You'll want to remove any old paint, sand the wood, and clean off all of the surfaces before you prime and paint a new color. That way, any residue or old particles will be removed and you'll have a paint job that looks extra good and smooth. Primer also helps get rid of any weird smells that the furniture might have, especially if it's old. After you've done a few coats of paint, seal it and you're done!

We refinished this apothecary cabinet from a plain white to a fun orange and pink combo with the following steps:

  1. Removed the door + hardware.
  2. Sanded rough edges, then cleaned up the dust.
  3. Painted base, let dry, and added a pop of color to the door.
  4. Screwed door back in, then added new hardware.

Refurbished Furniture Hacks

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Create a piece with an unexpected contrast by painting the body of your furniture a color that goes with your space, but leaving the natural wood on top. Not only will it look super chic (and expensive), but since it's two tones, you'll have more color freedom with your other decor.

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If you have an old dresser that doesn't go with your modern bedroom, switch out the more romantic hardware for a streamlined alternative. Even if you don't paint the wood, new handles will transform the way that the piece looks. The details really do matter!

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Use silicone molds and stamps to create a piece of furniture that's totally unique to you. While this DIY used stars, insects, and flowers, there are so many different kinds of molds that your finished product can look different every time.

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Don't be discouraged if your piece of furniture has water stains — and definitely don't throw it out! Grab your iron and a tea towel from your kitchen, set the iron on medium to high, and let the heat seep through the towel. Make sure you aren't holding the iron on for too long, and take a break to rub the wood every few seconds.

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if you don't have a sander to remove the paint on an old piece of furniture, you can use a paint scraper instead. Just be careful not to scrape up the actual wood. Once you have all the paint off, use sandpaper to even out the texture of the piece before you prime and paint.

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Use wood filler to cover up any dents and scrapes in your furniture, or to fill in any holes if you're replacing your hardware. It'll ensure that everything is smooth, since the wood filler will be covered up by paint, you don't need to worry about the color.

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