For everyone who showed up and encouraged me on the post yesterday?

I cannot thank you enough from the top of my highlighted hair to the bottom of my metallic ballet shoes.


I was going to write a post on my weight loss today, but just between us? My fingers and my brain got a little overwhelmed.

The short of it is that I’m on a program called Optavia (formerly known as Medi-Fast).

But the long of it? It’s SO much more. It’s about loving yourself in your own skin and working on your head and telling Oreos they aren’t the boss of you and crying at scales that don’t move and learning that a bracelet can get you through the darkest days and watching this happen to your legs and understanding that each of us is BEAUTIFUL right where we are.


My weight loss hasn’t really been on my body.

It’s been in my head.

And I know this will sound silly. But when I go to write about all that? I start to cry. It’s just all so fresh.

So I will write the journey and all of its lessons that it’s taught me.

Just not today.

Instead? Today is about decorating and blue and white and living rooms I love.

Let’s go.

Just between us? blue and white is my everything.

When I was young and in love with my first house, I went all blue and white with my decor.  I remember thinking it was the most beautiful color combination on the planet.  It literally covered every inch of my tiny house.

Plates I bought at thrift stores.

Blue and white painted floor cloths.

Blue and white toile drapes.

Everything blue.  Everything white.

All. The. Time.

And then?  One day, I looked at all that blue and white decor and it looked a little off.  It looked lame.  I was tired of it.  It looked old and dated and totally last century.  So I had a yard sale and sold everything blue and white and ran out and became friends with black and white and khaki.  And then gray showed up to the decorating party.  I hung out and partied with neutrals.


Blue and white was waiting for me just on the other side of neutral.

Here are just a few ways I’ve added it back into my spaces.


There are so many beautiful fabric patterns in blue and white.  Fabric choices range from a simple blue ticking to an intricate over-all floral.  You can also easily mix and match patterns.

Why not start with a brilliant blue curtain in a floral?

Then add a blue fabric in different patterns with pillows.

Or add a monogrammed tea towel like this one.

Choosing the simplicity of blue and white makes mixing and matching easy and fun.

Quick tip: your blues don’t have to match perfectly. I like blues that are friends with each other, but they don’t have to be an exact color match. It keeps the blues so much more interesting.


You can always enhance the blue and white color scheme with the addition of a contrasting color.

Blue has a lot of friends.





Or all of the above.

Texture can serve as a color, too. I’ve added fresh flowers to this table all the time, but I also fill a blue bowl with texture like these seagrass accessories.


Sometimes making fabric choices can be a little overwhelming and an investment.

Why not start dating blue and white with simple accessories?

It’s a great way to meet a classic without the commitment.

My best tip?

Find a few pieces to start your collection at yard sales. They are so easy to find for under $5.

Blue and white dishes and glasses are also readily available at estate sales and thrift stores.


I started planning for this room when I found these chairs.


They were the perfect accent piece for the room.

Sometimes an accent chair or this bench that I found at a yard sale are the perfect pieces to add a little color to your room.

You don’t have to go all in with all the furniture.

Just an accent piece here or there.


Here’s an example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, three different blue and white patterns are combined with these pillows on the couch (four if you count my shirt).

Start by grounding the room with a blue patterned rug.

Next, add a smaller pattern on the curtains.

Then introduce bold patterns in the pillows.

You could also introduce your accent color or texture here, too.

I took this picture earlier in the month. Here’s another example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, six different blue and white patterns are combined to create this living room (seven if you count the artwork on the wall).

You can shop this ENTIRE room here.

And 21 of my favorite blue and white finds here.

The joy of blue and white decorating?

You don’t have to take it seriously. Step out on faith.

Throw caution to the wind and ignore the trends and stick with a classic.

Timeless wins every time.

PS  This post was enthusiastically brought to you by the color blue and the color white. 

PPS If you EVER need encouragement on your own journey—just know I’m an e-mail away.


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