Finishes ~ Monday Madness

Over the weekend we took a car load of stuff and donated it to a thrift store. Stopped at the hardware store and picked up supplies. We made a visit to Mom's too, where one of our kid had also stopped in. I took her one of the spool ornaments and a jar of homemade taco mix.

Hubby started on his "to-do" list too. Nothing is completely checked off, but one job is half-done right now.

I finished another UFO (unfinished object, but I think it should be UFP - unfinished project). Anyway, the scrap yarn rug went to our youngest for her hope chest.

We also cut, split, loaded, unloaded and stacked wood. We didn't want to, but we needed to.

Blueberry pancakes made with whole wheat Einkorn flour, sausage, and organic black coffee. That's what's for breakfast this morning.

I'm working on this UFO - kitchen towel. It am using various patterns from library books to finish this project. Hubby laughed when I told him I think I started it back in 2013 or something.

I took this photo on 1-6-18. Same day as today, but last year. We have no snow this year. The baby blanket was gifted to our daughter for our grandson Colt. Who knew so much would change?

I was up at 3am this morning. I had a ton of dishes to wash. Fire was stoked and it's a day of laundry and more cleaning.