Finding great Christmas gifts for all the men you know and love really adds up! But big-ticket presents convey no more love than thoughtfully chosen inexpensive one

s. Cheap Christmas gifts for guys can run the gamut from funny to practical — what matters most is that a gift shows he’s well-understood and appreciated. Can you get someone a legitimately useful or cool gift without going into the double digits? You bet. Whether you’re shopping for dad or looking for cheap ways to upgrade your own gear, take a look at some of our essentials that can still be got for just more than a song.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men That Cost Less Than Ten Bucks

Rite in the Rain Notebook

For years, those in the military have been using the waterproof paper of Rite in the Rain’s line of notebooks to record vital data that can’t afford to be lost in a squall. The company’s handy 3-by-5 notebook is the perfect carry-along for life’s little emergencies, shopping lists, and can’t-forget details — no matter the weather.


Men's Guitar Socks

Zoom meetings and remote work means we can all be a bit wilder in the socks department. These guitar socks are perfect for hanging out at home and watching all 16 hours of Ken Burns’ history of country music documentary.


Classic Enamel Camping Mug

The classic campfire coffee-holder is perfected with the Coleman 12 oz. Enamel Mug. Made from a sturdy steel skeleton, the white-speckled red cup channels the traditional heritage of outdoor cookware. Throw it in the dishwasher without a second thought.


Compact Wrench + Screwdriver by NanoWrench

What looks like a handsome abstract keychain is actually a bagful of essential tools — including six wrenches and a flathead screwdriver for tightening all the wobbly screws and bolts life throws his way.


Wren’s Leather Cream Classic

Previous generations understood that a refresh of the details, from a sharp press on a shirt to the shine of one’s shoes, belies the character of the man. Wren’s, which traces its heritage back to the Nineteenth century, is cut from this cloth, and its Leather Cream Classic, available in a variety of colors, is an easy upgrade for those beat-to-hell boots — and even helps prolong their life.

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Swiss Safe Magnesium Fire Starters

If you've watched even a single episode of the survival series 'Alone' you know it all comes down to the 'ferro rod.' This magnesium fire rod supplies the ultra-hot sparks needed to start a fire in all kinds of weather. This pair of two fire starters includes compass, paracord, and emergency whistle.

Buy Now $13.99

Magnetic Swivel Air Vent Mounts by ChargeWorx

Unobtrusive and powerful, this pair of magnetic swivel mounts hook onto the air vents in your car and hold phones fast — without having to monkey around with brackets or fine-tuning when you're on the road.


Premium Head Massager

This 20-fingered scalp massager looks humble but contains awesome powers of relaxation -- just let the prongs follow the contours of your head for a spine-tingling, all-body wave of cool.

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Stormproof Match Kit

The UCO Survival Matches come in a moisture-tight container that floats, and are both windproof and waterproof — they relight even after being fully submerged. You can basically strike these matches in a full gale, and rest assured that they'll light every time.


Dr. Bonner's Pure-Castile Soap

Dr. Bonner's is in its fifth generation as a family-run company — its biodegradable soaps have kept as many generations safely sudsed up out in the woods and back at home. Pick up a classic scent, made with certified fair-trade ingredients and organic hemp oil.


Boot laces from Timberland

The simplest way to breathe new life into old boots is with a new pair of laces. Timberland’s come in several lengths and have the durability for which its footwear is known.


Dollar Shave Club’s Starter Kit

Like those CD clubs of the Nineties, the real purpose of this starter kit is to get you to subscribe. Continue and you'll get a restock box every couple of months — or stop at the starter kit, and you'll get this supercheap bundle of body cleanser, shave cream, and wipes, along with four razor cartridges and a handle. Either way, a great way to refresh that stale dopp kit.


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