Farm Fresh: Rabbit Tattoo Parlor

We had 6 bunnies to tattoo this week before selling them.  The young kits are pretty easy to manage.  These older ladies were more fussy and wiggly.  First step is to wrap them up snug in a towel. 
  The rabbit's left ear is for "personal" tattoos.  The right ear is reserved for show classifications by the ARBA.  I like to use the pen type of tattoo instead of the clamp. It takes a little longer, but is much more legible. 
Here are examples of both kinds of tattoo (borrowed photos, since I forgot to take one of the actual tattoo).  Here is an ink pen tattoo:
versus a clamp tattoo:

Both kinds of tattooing devices can be used on other types of animals as well. I clean the ear with a baby wipe to remove any dirt or oils.  Then I spray it with Gigi's numbing spray.  One trick I have learned it not to wipe the ear after the numbing spray. I just blow on it a little and let it sit. That way it seeps into the wounds as I am needling the ink into the skin. 
 It is important to hold the inking pen close to the tip for good control.
 The pen should be held in the inkwell for 5-10 seconds to soak up ink.  If it seems to not have enough then it is fine to pause and redip the pen. After the ink is laid the ear should be blotted, not rubbed. And you can see whether you missed any spots and need to go over it again.
After it's all done, the bunny gets some TLC and a little bowl of dry oats to reward her cooperation.