Facemasks LA - Face Mask with Filter - Floral Print

Vendor: Facemasks LA
Type: face mask
Price: 12.00


  • These face masks are made from lycra fabric approved by the City of Los Angeles  to create a protective barrier for the nose and mouth.
  • These masks also feature a pocket that holds an optional filter for an added layer of protection.
  • Each mask comes with 10 disposable filters.
  • Disposable filters are made from non-woven 2-oz poly cellulose.
  • These masks are not FDA-cleared.
  • Please note these are not a replacement for medical grade N95 masks or PPE, but are meant to bridge the gap.
  • Non-returnable.

Replaceable disposable filters:  each mask comes with a disposable filter that tucks into the mask (you get 10 filters per mask). Using these are optional.

We are working with our supplier to see if we can make additional replacement filters available.  However, a number of articles have been written about other materials that can be used in the filter pocket - such as an additional layer of fabric like quality cotton or silk, coffee filters cut to size and even a doubled up piece of kitchen paper towel.  Use of any of these materials should be done at your own risk.  Like the mask itself, these materials do not provide the effectiveness of a medical grade N95 mask or PPE, but are meant to bridge the gap.