Essential Packing Tips for a Vietnam Adventure Travel

Although it is near impossible traveling to an exciting destination like Vietnam with every bit of items one would need, it is still important that one tries to go with, at least, the necessities. One of the biggest regrets people have once they touchdown in Vietnam is not bringing along with them some items they never thought were essential. From gears to wears and everything in between, there are some essential items that are crucial to any Vietnam travel for safety, security, fun, and comfortability purposes. Yet, despite the fact that thousands of people travel yearly to experience the wonders of the emerald waters, fascinating tunnels, mind-blowing caves, and the intriguing history of Vietnam, it is still surprisingly shocking to know that some people still make the same mistakes of not coming along with items that are essential to their tour. Not that we blame anyone, though; some people simply do not know what they need and what they dont need. To this end, here is a list of a few essential items that should definitely be in your bags as you prepare to hit the road for a Vietnam visit.

A backpack

Take it or leave it; visiting a country like Vietnam is not always a luxury trip; instead, it is an adventure journey, and as such, youll always need your backpack. Considering all the walking, hiking, biking, and traveling you will be doing, the last thing you want to forget at home is a thick-strapped backpack to carry all your belongings, including a change of clothes, water bottle, mobile phone, smart gadgets, sunglasses, snacks, and even sunscreen. But thats not even all; it is very unlikely that youll go through a day irrespective of the part of Vietnam you choose to explore in the country without finding a thing or two to purchase, whether for yourself or your loved ones at home and when you finally do, youll need a place to safely keep them, this is where your backpack comes in handy again.

A travel pillow

When you book your Vietnam exploration with a very detailed guide like Explore One Vietnam, the chances are that youll always have to be on the road on most days and for several hours, because of the number of sights, greenies, history, wonders, and fun theyre likely going to put you through. In light of this, youll always need a travel pillow to aid you in getting that much-deserved shut-eye whilst in transit, and although these days, guides like this offer air-conditioning, youll still find your tours a lot more comfy if you have a travel pillow with you.


This may be essential if youre planning on taking those long buses across the country or you intend staying in shared hostel rooms. If not for any other reasons, at least to ward off the wailing noises of babies crying on your bus, or snorers disturbing your restful sleep in the hostel.

Quick-dry towel

Bear in mind that not all hostels or hotels will provide you with towels free of charge. And even those that do may not offer you the best kind, so it is essential that you come along with your super-lightweight option. Whether it is to dry off after getting caught in the torrential rain during the monsoon season or covering yourself after a swim.

Medical treatments

You dont need to have an existing medical condition before you decide to come along with pills and drugs on your Vietnam travel. Whether you like it or not, youre sometimes going to experience a stomach bug, diarrhea, or uncomfortable health status from drinking non-bottled water or simply consuming street food. In light of this, you should try to bring along your medication box, as you will never know when youll be hit by a stomach bug, and the last thing you want is to be in distress while being far away from a drug store.

Bug repellant

If malaria was a common challenge in your home country, brace yourself for Dengue fever in Vietnam. Although theres been a great medical advancement towards curbing the viral infection in the region, it is still prevalent, and it is even pretty common in urban areas. Due to this, you should always carry insect-repellant along with you. Before you set out in the morning, always apply your repellant, and once you get back at dusk, be sure to re-apply it.

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