Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Christmas


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Make this Christmas green and ethical by choosing gifts that align with your values and modern expectations. The days of unconscious gift buying could be coming to an end as more people see the benefits and necessities of supporting green supply chains and living a more ethical lifestyle. If you are stuck for green gifts to give this Christmas, read on for some starter ideas. 

Glass Kitchen Set 

Zero waste is a big deal these days as more household attempt to enter the circular economy; the trouble is that changing your lifestyle wholesale can be difficult and unrealistic. However, with the right mindset, you can slowly change the products and homeware you tend to use. 

The perfect gift for a friend, couple, or family member, is a glass kitchen set that is stylish, practical, and completely refillable. How would you like to eliminate the plastic you use for your washing-up liquid and laundry detergent? Glass refillable kitchen sets are the best solution. 

Organic Towel Set 

Sticking with the ideas of practicality and eco-awareness, an organic towel set is an excellent choice for a family member, a friend, or a couple in your life. Towels tend to cut corners in the supply chain and use toxic chemicals in the dye and production methods. So, organic is better. 

Organic towels are made from 100% organic and fairtrade cotton, so you can use your loved ones can use the towels with confidence, knowing that they have come from a sustainable source. The towel fabric is also kind to sensitive skin because it doesn’t use any chemicals. 

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate is more sustainable than milk chocolate because it doesn’t contain animal products and therefore doesn’t support a carbon-heavy industry. Not only that, dark chocolates are cruelty-free and vegan. Dark chocolate can be used for easy reindeer chow this winter. 

Fairtrade chocolates ensure that cocoa farmers and growers receive a fair price for their products and support suitable working conditions. Direct trade is even better; with direct trade, the chocolate sellers buy the raw materials directly from the farmers, growers, and workers.  

Eco Clothing 

Clothing always makes an excellent gift for friends and family members; people are always thrilled to receive a Christmas sweater, some hip t-shirts, or a pair of warm winter socks; the trouble is that clothing is one of the most polluting and harmful industries on the planet. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy great clothing for your friends and family; it simply means you need to pay more attention to the materials used and the supply chains. A quick internet search online should give you plenty of ethical clothing brands to choose from, such as Patagonia. 

Eco Subscription 

Subscription services have become the norm in recent years, with everything from cars to television can be available on subscription. Subscriptions also make an excellent gift for Christmas; why not buy a loved one a subscription to a service, some monthly food, or support an animal with a wildlife subscription? These make excellent ethical gifts for Christmas.