Check out these cardboard box activities for kids! With everyone staying at home and your Amazon boxes stacking up, utilize them instead of just tossing in the trash

Here are some fun things to make with cardboard boxes. 

Granted you will want to disinfect the boxes to make them safe, and then it is a free game to create and make the most of your time at home. I love shopping online so I always have an excess of boxes. Here are some fun box ideas for kids. 

Cardboard Box Activities For Kids 

1.) Cardboard Skeeball from Beau Baby 

If you can’t go to an arcade, bring the arcade to you. With a few supplies and the main part being cardboard boxes, you will create an epic game that will provide hours of fun. 

2.) Lap Tray from The Centsible Life 

Here you have a lap tray that is crazy easy to make and fun to customize. Just color on your own design, or even paint it on if you prefer. Then use for coloring, doing work, etc. 

3.) Bird Cage Cardboard Pretend from The Growing Creatives 

How fun is this? You grab a large box and you can create one epic play area for your child or kids to play for hours. Decorate exactly how you want for a one-of-a-kind play area. 

4.) Cardboard Camper From The Merry Thought

Here is a really cool retro camper made from cardboard boxes. While it takes a little time to make it is absolutely adorable and a great play area to have for your child. These cost tons of money to buy so make one for pennies. 

5.) Golf Shoot from Pinky Princess Girl

Quick, easy, and loads of fun here. You just need some scissors, a box, marker, etc. Then you can create one epic play area for you and your child to pass the rainy day. 

6.) Easy Cardboard Elevator from Repeat Crafter Me 

Going up! Here is a cardboard elevator craft that is so fun to make. You could pretend you are going from one floor to the next with a fun bit of help from the cardboard you saved back. 

7.) Recycled Cardboard Doll House from Cakies 

If you have someone who loves playing with dolls, make a doll house. Add some paint or even washi tape and create a colorful and fun place to have them play with their dolls. 

8.) Cardbox Box House from Say Yes

Here is a fun way for a way to spend an afternoon. You can let your kids create their own cardboard box that is so fun for them. Then hand them some toys to play with their box house. 

9.) Wall Aquarium from Made By Joel 

Here is a fun little activity to create your own little water aquarium. Make up some fish, decor if you want, and more. Give it a try and let me know how your kid likes it. 

10.) Ball Maze from A Happy Wanderer 

With some paper towel rolls and the base a cardboard box you can create a fun activity for your little one. Tons of fun that can be played with over and over again. 

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