Can You Spot 10 Differences in This Balmy Tropical Beach Scene? (Yes, We Want to Go, Too)

Imaging escaping to the place we're all dreaming of as we bemoan the bitter cold of this winter season: the white sands of a tropical beach some place south of the 20th parallel. Perhaps this little picture puzzle can at least give us a taste of that relaxing, warm climate. Take a look at the balmy illustration below. Can you spot 10 differences between the two beach scenes? Don't be distracted by the playful monkey or by dreams of sipping piña coladas while dipping your feet in the warm blue waters. Were you able to locate all 10 differences? When you think you've found them all, or if you're ready to throw in the beach towel, scroll down to see the answers. Answers: 1. Cloud 2. Sail 3. Birds 4. Surfboard 5. Banana 6. Baby monkey 7. Monkey tail 8. Banana leaf 9. Beach towel 10. Coconut straw How did you do? ...

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