Can a camera company make an app that doesn’t suck? Fujifilm tries again

A photo of a Fujifilm camera beside the company’s new XApp mobile app.
Fujifilm’s new XApp will be available on May 25th. | Image: Fujifilm

At some point a few weeks ago, I decided I couldn’t deal with Fujifilm’s Camera Remote app anymore. So I threw in the towel and bought an SD-to-Lightning adapter, which lets me reliably get photos from my Fujifilm cameras onto my iPhone without any fuss. But it also makes me feel like a damn caveman. It’s supposed to be better than this in 2023.

I’ve been using Fujifilm’s mirrorless cameras since the days of the X-T1. But like many others, I’ve had mixed experiences with the company’s mobile app. Just look at those reviews on the App Store and Google Play.

In theory, this software is intended to make syncing photos between camera and smartphone very convenient. Sometimes that actually happens, and despite its rudimentary interface,...

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