Best dog beds for sleeping hounds

Best dog beds for 2023

A dog bed is a lovely way to help your pet create their own space, and feel at home in their own home. Whether they’re enjoying a post walk snooze, or getting to grips with a new chew toy, it’s great to give your dog their own space.

With dog beds, the thicker and softer designs tend to go down well – a comfortable spot for your dog to snuggle into after a long run on the beach. While dogs enjoy cooling tile floors in the warmer months, during the chillier seasons, it’s nice to give them a warm place to rest, which is where the fluffier designs can work a treat.

However, soft and plush dog beds aren’t particularly mud-friendly, so you may want to consider an additional waterproof dog bed, particularly if your dog runs off at the sight of a towel after a rainy walk.

Size is of course an important factor, and portability is another thing to think about too. If you take your dog camping or campervanning, a dog bed you can easily chuck in the boot would be a good choice.

Here’s a selection of dog beds for you to consider. You can also read our reviews of the best dog treats for training and the best poo bags.


Best dog beds for 2023

P & L Superior Heavy Duty Softee Bed


  • Size Large (76 x 64 x 24cm)
  • Material Waterproof polyester, thermal polyester fibre filling
  • Cleaning instructions Wipe with wet cloth/run under hose


Dog beds tend to go down either the comfort or practicality route, but as a cushioned waterproof design, this dog bed is a bit of a mix. The heavy duty, waterproof material should be a good match for wet and muddy dogs and with a length of 76cm, there should be ample room for a border collie or spaniel, but it’s always worth measuring.

Dog beds with high walls allow your dog to really hunker down, and snuggle up in comfort.

This dog bed has also been designed with easy cleaning in mind, so hopefully the dreaded wet dog smell won’t linger around too much. As this is a more robust design, it’s perhaps one to consider for an outdoor kennel.

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Joules Bee Dog Bed

  • Size 12 x 75 x 55 cm
  • Material Polyester (velvet feel)
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

If your dog enjoys the finer things in life, there are plenty of more glamorous dog beds around. This lovely Joules dog bed features a soft velvet-like cover and a sweet bee print. A nice choice for your living room as it’s not too outdoorsy in appearance.

The dark green olive colour is well-suited to active dogs who spend their time digging and chasing. Just unzip the cover, and chuck it in the wash whenever the bed could do with a refresh.



Ruffwear Basecamp Bed

  • Size 122 x 77 x 10cm (smaller sizes available)
  • Material Microsuede
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

We’re all for making travels with your dog as effortless as possible. Investing in a portable dog bed is an easy way to ensure your dog is comfortable whilst you’re camping, out for a picnic with the family, or enjoying a wild swim.

We like the look of this Ruffwear design, with its soft microsuede cover and lightweight nature. It would make a lovely office option too if you’re lucky enough to work in a dog-friendly office.


Barbour Dog Bed

  • Size Small (60cm in length)
  • Material Mix of polyester and wool
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

Crafted with a wool-touch material, and a faux suede inner, this dog bed has a luxurious and designer feel – just as we’d expect from Barbour. Featuring a rather fetching tartan design and particularly plush-looking cushions, we reckon this dog bed would make quite the comfortable nap spot.

There are a number of sizes available, so you can find the right fit for your breed.

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Lesure Waterproof Dog Bed

  • Size Large (91 x 69 x 7.6cm)
  • Material Waterproof Oxford fabric, foam filling
  • Cleaning instructions Wipe clean

Practical mattress-style dog beds are useful for outdoor use, especially waterproof designs. While the mats lack the comfort appeal of the plusher designs, they can come in handy in the summer months when your dog is looking to stay cool. Waterproof mats can also suit older dogs who struggle with incontinence, or equally young pups in training.

This Lesure design could do the trick, and it’s a decent size with a length of 91cm, so it’s retriever-ready. At such an affordable price, you could even keep this dog bed in the boot of your car.


Herringbone Tweed Box Bed

  • Size Small (56 x 56cm) – extra large (107 x 107cm)
  • Material Herringbone Tweed fabric
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

With lots of companies dipping into the world of high-end, fashionable dog gear, it’s no surprise there are a number of luxurious dog beds available. If you’re happy to splash out on your pup’s bedding, and treat them to a chic Herringbone cover, this box bed from Lords & Labradors may take your fancy. It’ll slot into both country and contemporary homes with ease, and offers a boxy shape and squishy design.

There are four sizes available so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right size, for your Yorkshire Terrier, or Dalmatian.

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Scruffs Wilton Sofa Dog Bed

  • Size Small (70 x 65 x 12cm), large (70 x 90 x 12cm)
  • Material Polyester, fur lining and quilted cover
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

Whether you allow your dog on the sofa is up to you, but for those who have lost the battle unwillingly, there’s the option of a sofa dog bed. These dog beds are designed to hang over the side of the sofa, protecting your sofa from dog hair, while allowing your dog a more comfortable seat next to you.

Scruffs offer two different sizes, and its beds feature non-slip bases to help keep the bed firmly in place.


Mandala Pet Bed

  • Size 13 x 80 x 55cm
  • Material Recycled plastic (wool-like feel)
  • Cleaning instructions Machine washable

As we try and make our dogs as happy as possible, we can often end up filling our homes with plasticky toys, so why not opt for a dog bed that’s made of recycled materials?

This pretty dog bed from Cox & Cox is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s designed to feel like wool to allow for a soft seat and features a delicate pattern.

As it’s suitable for outdoor use, you can take it out to the garden while you potter around, and treat your dog to an afternoon basking in the sunshine. It’s claimed the cover is UV resistant and fade proof – handy features for a dog who is partial to a sunny spot.


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