Best Absorbent Bath Towels

When it comes to everyday use, towels are some of the most important items in your home. And when choosing the best towels, there are a lot of factors to consider. Are you more concerned with softness or durability? Do you want oversized towels or towels that wont take up a lot of room while drying on the back of your door? Do you need to match the towels color to your decor or would you prefer an all-white collection of hotel-style towels? Then, there are the questions that are more difficult to answer before buying towels, like which item will feel best on your skin, absorb water the fastest, and last you the longest? Regardless of your answers, most of us are fed up with low quality towels.

If the best, most absorbent towels are at the top of your must-have list, were here to help. Finding the best towels that are also highly absorbent usually means a product on the thicker side. While thicker bath towels will absorb water fast, this also means they will usually take longer to dry. Having a large enough towel rack or enough time in between trips to the shower to allow your towel to fully dry is important. After all, a wet towel is never going to be as absorbent. Likewise, because the most absorbent bath towels naturally absorb more soap and body oils, they should be cleaned more often than regular bath towels.

When searching for the best absorbent bath towels, its important to understand the types of products available. For instance, did you know that towels come in one- and two-ply? Thats right, toilet paper doesnt get to have all the fun. Two-ply bath towels are more absorbent and often made from 100 percent premium cotton, but these resort-style towels can be on the pricier side. Rayon towels, often advertised as bamboo, are also absorbent and have a lower price point, but they may not last as long. Finally, you have towels with reported natural antimicrobial or antibacterial properties.

So what are we looking for in the best absorbent bath towels? Were looking for bath towels that get you dry quickly, are reasonably priced, can survive multiple trips through the washing machine, and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, they should be soft. Like, really soft.

So what are the best, most absorbent towels? Weve got 10 great options for you to consider, all of which are available on Amazon.