Bathroom Space Saver or Shower Caddy System Just $14.99 at ALDI

bathroom spacesaver

Create space with inexpensive ALDI finds!

Looking for strategic storage for your bathroom? Head to your local ALDI where you may be able to snag these Easy Home Bathroom Space Saver items!

If you bathroom is on the small side and you need help finding space and getting things organized, these ALDI Finds may be just what you need.

Remember that stock can vary by store, and when these items are gone, you won’t likely see them again.

Look for these in your store…

shower caddy with pole

This shower caddy includes a towel bar and four shelves, each able to hold up to 5.5lbs. The height is adjustable so that it can fit all showers and bathtubs up to 106″.

easy home 3 shelf bathroom space saver

This space saver features three shelves that can hold up to 15lbs. The entire unit fits over standard toilets, is rust-resistant, and the feet are adjustable so that this space saver is level on any surface.

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