Bathroom Makeover Inspiration at Kristen’s

Hello Everyone!

Kristen here – anyone else getting the itch for some spring projects?! I’ve had about 2.5 years of planning and changing my mind while being too busy with the Twin’s and our new Boutique building to do any home projects for myself. But NOW I am ready. I have been feeling the makeover itch for quite some time, and just the other day decided to just go for it! Last week I finally had time to chat with Vicki about some countertop options and what colors I was thinking about for all my cabinets. We were able to come up with a plan and color palette from the paint line we carry – Fusion Mineral Paint.

I then just up and decided to go for it! I got my paint clothes on and just started in on all the prep work for painting the bathroom vanity on my first floor. This is the bathroom that gets used the most and I’ve been ready to tackle it for while.

I did share (quite a while ago) what my home looked like when I moved in 3 years ago. It has beautiful oak floors, oak trim, and oak cabinets – BUT it is just too much monotone OAK for me. So I have always planned to paint the cabinets here. Some may call me crazy, but I prefer to do what makes me happy and painting the cabinets is what I want.


Here is the vanity on the day we moved in. You walk in and this is the first thing you see, the stool and shower are through a door just beyond that far wall you see there with the towel hanging on it. We also have a really nice closet in this bathroom as well and then it goes into an extra bedroom space through a separate door too. With all those oak doors in there and oak vanity and floor and trim I just decided it needed to be broken up a bit.

Here is a (not-to-scale) floor plan I was able to draw up quick to give you a better idea of the space.

I definitely don’t think it is the greatest layout, but it works and we are not ready for any type of major construction whatsoever. So we will work with it and make it the best it can be!

And here is my inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest for this space!

And below is a mood board my sister created when I asked her to help me decide what to do with the mirror. She used my counter top sample and added that into the mood board, as well as the oil rubbed bronze fixtures we plan to use. I have already changed out the light fixtures but am waiting on the new faucets until I can get the new countertop in.

I have decided to go with a mid to light green color from Fusion Mineral Paint for the vanity. The color is called “Bellwood”. I have loved this color for quite some time and love what I call a “seafoam” green to create a spa like retreat in the bathroom. I plan to go with quartz countertop here, but since it is a custom size double vanity, it will need to be measured and installed by a professional. Then oil-rubbed bronze accents – the light fixtures, faucets, vanity knobs and towel bars. The towel you see there is the actual towel I currently have for this bathroom!

I am having a hard time deciding if we go room by room to get the countertop installed or just get it all completed at once. (I would like to get new counters in the kitchen and the other bathrooms as well) Doing it all together seems more efficient but it’s definitely more money to spend at once. And we kind of go down into a rabbit hole of having to get a new kitchen sink and cooktop. I’m obviously still debating this issue!

We shall see – but in the meantime I’m going to do what little projects I can on my journey towards having it completed to my style.

Do you like the color? What would you do as far as the countertops?

Watch for more on this bathroom – next I need to figure out what exactly I can do to the mirror without taking it off the wall!

See you next time!

If you want to learn how to paint your own bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets check out How To: Prep Your Cabinets for Paint.