All I Want Is a Soft Sleeping T-Shirt That Costs Less Than $50—And These Are the Ones I Found To Be Best

I have trouble sleeping (thanks, anxiety!), so I try to make my sleep environment as calming and comfortable as possible. But all of the lavender and memory foam pillows are for naught if I crawl into bed in an uncomfortable sleep shirt. Sleep shirts are my pajamas of the moment for the obvious reason—no pants—but they need to be soft, not only for comfort but also because my brain thinks any scratchiness on my skin is a spider. However, finding an affordable sleep tee that’s also super soft is a challenge. After many trials (and spider scares), these are the five soft tees under $50 that I’ve deemed worthy.

5 Affordable Sleep Tees
1. Good American Essential Boyfriend Crew Tee, $39

Snuggling up in this soothingly-hued shirt is like a hot towel for my brain, letting me pretend for a moment that I’m in a relaxing setting and not a small apartment littered with cardboard boxes I keep forgetting to take out to the recycle bin even though I stare at them every day from my couch.

Shop now: Good American Essential Boyfriend Crew Tee, $39

2. Free People Baby Rib Tee, $28

This tee plus a cute pair of underwear is my “Sigourney Weaver in Alien” look, except instead of programming a spaceship so I can go into cryosleep I’m trying to figure out how to turn my oven light off before laying in bed and tending to the existential crises I’ve been avoiding all day.

Shop now: Free People Baby Rib Tee, $28

3. Hanes Wear Around Nightshirt, $11

I’m at the “learning how to embroider because I want to open an Etsy shop” stage of this pandemic, and these affordable sleep shirts give me something to practice on in addition to being ultra comfy for sleeping.

Shop now: Hanes Wear Around Nightshirt, $11

4. Intimissimi Ultrafresh Supima Cotton Nightdress, $39

This Supima cotton tee basically lets you take your bed with you wherever you wear it, because it feels like it’s made out of really fancy sheets.

Shop now: Intimissimi Ultrafresh Supima Cotton Nightdress, $39

5. Soma Cool Nights Short Sleeve Sleep Shirt, $42

If you’re a hot sleeper, try this drape-y sleep shirt made out a fabric that helps keep you cool and won’t get all staticky and stick to your legs.

Shop now: Soma Cool Nights Short Sleeve Sleep Shirt, $42

6. Everlane The Organic Cotton Crew, $18

Technically this is from the men’s section; for sleeping, I prefer the fit and the length over the women’s cotton tees. There are also 13 colors to choose from; I’m partial to hues like heather oat and black, but there’s also a smattering of less-neutral shades in blue and green.

Shop now: Everlane The Organic Cotton Crew, $18

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