9 virtual tech and business events to attend while social distancing

All of a sudden, it feels as if the world is put on fast forward as we begin to come up with virtual solutions for all the events that were once a part of daily life.

Many companies are now beginning to implement  Zoom happy hours to maintain company culture while some of us still joke about going out on a FaceTime date.

Creators are also taking advantage of technology during this time and turning their cancelled IRL events into easily accessible URL events.

That being said, e27 strives to keep up with the promise of supporting the startup ecosystem by bringing you nine virtual events that you should not miss if you’re a startup founder.

1. April 15 (ongoing), Dezeen “Dezeen’s virtual design festival”

If you’re the type of person who follows Elon Musk on Twitter, this should be the perfect event for you. 

As the first virtual design festival, this event will feature talks, movie screenings and workshops and include a showcase of architecture, futuristic technologies,  problem-solving product packaging and many more. 

2. April 16, e27 “Mindfulness meditation for working professionals amid COVID-19

Are you a busy working professional who can barely find the time to sit down and relax? e27 has designed a webinar specifically for people like that.

Join Bjorn Lee CEO of MindFi as he guides busy bees in simple, quick and easy to do practices to provide relaxation that can make a significant difference at work.

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3. April 16, Draper House ” How we raised US$200K in our first crowdfunding campaign

If you’re someone who is having trouble fundraising for your startup during this hard time, this is the perfect opportunity to learn first hand from new founder Marcos Bulacio journey.

Marcos Bulacio began selling Pangea bamboo travel towel on Kickstarter campaign and successfully managed to attract capital.

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He will be sharing his experience on how he managed to do this along with tips on what founders can do to create a successful campaign.

4. April 17, New Campus “The New Virtual Reality: The Future of Remote Work

This conference will gather a variety of leaders from corporations and startups as they speak about resiliency, team leadership, and mental well being in times of crisis and how it can be overcome.

With the growing need for remote teams, founders share how such problems can be tackled and how organisations can bounce back.

5. April 17, Startup Grind “Freaky Friday Virtual Happy Hour” 

Who said that you can’t still network with professionals from around the world?

Startup Grind is hosting a free Friday virtual happy hour for professionals from all over to network and make friends with.

This event will feature a “quarantine” drink contest, where “virtual drink” experts will judge the contest and where winners will receive some interesting prizes.

6. April 22, Startup grind “What investors think about before they finance your startup

This is an event specifically for startup founders who are actively seeking angel investors or are curious to know more about them.

Florin Pop, founder and Managing Partner at Primainvest Capital Management, will be the guest speaker for this webinar and he will share insights on behind the scenes of the world of investments along with actionable tips on how to please investors.

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7. April 23, Women of Influence Asia “How to get savvy with your money”

At a time like this, this is probably one of the most valuable webinars one can tune in.

Join Mina Chung, a serial entrepreneur who owns a boutique hotel, Petite Dalat, and co-founder of a tech incubator, TerraTech as she speaks about how you can stop overspending and begin investing along with some ways to set financial priorities during different stages of life.

8. April 23, e27 “How founders can become thought leaders

From founders to team leaders, many people are using thought leadership to boost brand awareness and strengthen consumer trust.

In this e27 Webinar, Muara Makarim, author of Vertical Journey and regional PR manager of Revolut, will speak about how leaders can become one by observing trends for the industry and being able to stimulate the ecosystem.

9. April 28, SGInnovate “Let’s Play Quantum Computer Games! “

Interested to know about the latest trends in quantum computing? For a long time now people have been trying to improve the gaming experience through better-than-ever graphics and non-player characters that move realistically.

Join Junye Huang a Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM Quantum as he talks about how games can introduce people to quantum computing and the future of gaming on quantum computers. An exciting online puzzle game featuring quantum components will also be shared during the talk.

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