5 Must-See Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Next Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is always more on the technical side, but you can definitely make a few adjustments to get better visuals in this function-based space. So, here are 5 must-see bathroom design ideas that would come handy during your remodel:

1. Open vanity shelf

Interior Design,Home RenovationImage Source:Yangs Inspiration Design

Anyone with an extensive skin-care routine can tell you that an open vanity shelf is an absolute must. It helps keep all the beauty products organized without making you delve into the depths of the closed cabinet, which usually consists of seldom-used items. The open shelf design featured in this image is an excellent inspiration for those looking for some simple but stylish ideas.

2. An ergonomic shower separation

Interior Design,Home RenovationImage Source:Yangs Inspiration Design

Most shower stall separators can be a hassle to clean as theyre make completely of glass and need proper maintenance. This is why youll love this ergonomic separation idea. Half of it is made from brick and clad in tile, while the upper half consists of a small glass separation that can be easily wiped clean. The small towel-hanger on the other side makes it even more functionally effective.

3. The in-between vanity

Interior Design,Home RenovationImage Source:Omni Interior Design Pte Ltd

Many homeowners prefer to design their shower area and bathroom separately, which leaves the question of: where should the vanity be? The answer is: in-between. You can easily place the vanity outside of both these rooms and use it as a design element. The towel-stand, mirror, and cabinet can be outside as well for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

4. Glass encased shower stall

Interior Design,Home RenovationImage Source:Starry Homestead

Since most Singaporean homes are already short on real-estate, it can be almost impossible to have separate bathroom and shower areas. But you can definitely get ahead of this plan by using full-length glass partitions to separate the shower stall completely from the rest of the bathroom. Do note, however, that these walls require extra maintenance to retain their transparent sheen.

5. At least one unique fixture

Interior Design,Home RenovationImage Source:Free Space Intent

The best way to make your bathroom truly memorable is to invest in at least one memorable and statement-worthy fixture. It could be the vanity mirror or the sink or even brass facets. Remember: they must have that instant visual oomph in order to deliver the right impact.

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