12 Shaving Cream Hacks That Are More Useful Than Shaving

Uses for shaving cream - collage: putting shaving cream on a stainless steel fridge; rubbing shaving cream on a mirror; rubbing shaving cream on glasses lenses; putting shaving cream in your hand on a camping trip.

These Other Uses For Shaving Cream Might Surprise You

In this post, you’ll find 12 practical uses for shaving cream that I think will surprise you as much as they did me! Who knew there were so many other uses for shaving cream, especially outside the bathroom?

It was only fairly recently that my husband Dave started using a special shaving brush and soap to lather up before his morning shave. Before that, he’d been using good old shaving cream from a can for as long as I can remember!

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I think we still have some of his old shaving cream in the back of one of our bathroom drawers though, so now I have 12 good reasons to go dig it out! Because these shaving cream hacks, as you’ll soon find out, are every bit as useful as using it for shaving!

12 Unexpectedly Useful Shaving Cream Hacks

bathtub cleaning trick

1. Clean Your Tub

Putting shaving cream on a broom might sound odd, but it’s actually a great way to clean your tub or shower! Just apply a generous amount of shaving cream to the bristles of a broom and use it to scrub tub and shower walls — you’ll be putting less pressure on your back and your tub or shower will be gleaming in no time!

Uses for shaving cream - rubbing shaving cream on a rug with a sponge

2. Remove Carpet Stains

Remove stains from your carpet by spraying the area with shaving cream, wiping it with a damp sponge, and letting it dry. In the morning, vacuum up the dry mess and your carpet will look good as new!

Uses for shaving cream - cleaning a stainless steel fridge with shaving cream

3. Clean Stainless Steel

Use shaving cream to clean stainless steel appliances and faucets by coating them with a thin layer of shaving cream and wiping the area dry. Then buff the surface with a clean microfiber cloth until it’s clean and shiny!

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Uses for shaving cream - smearing shaving cream all over a bathroom mirror

4. Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog-Free

Apply a thin layer of shaving cream to your bathroom mirror to keep the glass from fogging up. Just squirt a bit of shaving cream onto the mirror, wipe it off, and buff it until it’s clean and shiny.

No more wiping the mirror down after you get out of the shower in order to see yourself. (It works for glass shower doors and car windshields too!)

Uses for shaving cream - using shaving cream on hands after a manicure

5. Clean Up Messy Hands

After your next at-home manicure, use shaving cream to remove any nail polish you may have gotten on your fingers. It’ll remove the polish from your skin, but not your nails. (You can get grease or paint off of your hands this way too!)

Uses for shaving cream - putting shaving cream on jewelry

6. Clean Jewelry

The combination of soap, moisturizers, and other protective ingredients make shaving cream a surprisingly good cleaner for delicate items. You can use it to clean jewelry and other delicate items by covering them in shaving cream, rubbing it in with your fingers, and then wiping it clean with a soft cloth.

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Uses for shaving cream - cleaning an oven door with shaving cream

7. Spot Clean Your Oven

Need to clean a small spill or splatter inside your oven? Grab the shaving cream from the bathroom and a scouring pad, and scrub a good amount of foam into the mess. Wipe it all up with a paper towel and you’re done! (If your entire oven needs a good cleaning, try this method.)

Uses for shaving cream - using shaving cream on a squeaky hinge

8. Silence Squeaks

Have a squeaky hinge somewhere that’s driving you up the wall? Shaving cream makes for a quick and easy fix! Spray a bit of the foam onto the hinge in question, open and shut the door a few times to work it into the hinge, then wipe up any excess foam.

Uses for shaving cream - smoothing shaving cream on a sunburn

9. Soothe A Sunburn

Next time you have a sunburn, rub some shaving cream on the burn. As odd as it might sound, shaving cream has skin-soothing ingredients that will help ease the pain and swelling. (To help your skin heal after a sunburn, try this DIY After-Sun Lotion!)

Uses for shaving cream - can of shaving cream with bottle of food coloring and three jars of colored foam for art

10. Make Foam Art

Make a fun and foamy finger paint by mixing shaving cream with a couple drops of food coloring. You and your little ones can sit outside and make colorful creations on sliding glass doors and windows. Afterward, cleanup will be as easy as grabbing the hose and spraying it down!

Uses for shaving cream - cleaning hands with shaving cream on a camping trip

11. Take It Camping

Going camping? Pack a can of shaving cream to take with you! You can use it to clean sap off your hands, get gunk off of dishes, and even treat stains on your clothing in a pinch!

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Uses for shaving cream - putting shaving cream on lenses of eyeglasses to prevent fogging.

12. Prevent Glasses From Fogging

If you wear glasses, you know how frustrating it is when your lenses are constantly fogging up due to temperature changes! But it’s not just annoying—it can actually be dangerous too!

But you can use a bit of shaving cream to reduce the amount of condensation that builds up on your lenses. Use a soft lens cleaning cloth to apply a small amount of shaving cream to your glasses in circular motions, then wipe clean.

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