100 Items That Have Withstood The Test Of Time (New Pics)

We used to be people of repair and resourcefulness, taking pride in our ability to tinker with the longevity of our things. But nowadays? Not so much. We may try to recycle, but as soon as something breaks we're looking for a replacement. Luckily, our ingenuity can match our laziness.

The subreddit r/BuyItForLife has 973k members and it's dedicated to practical quality products that were made to last. Like a phone from 2006. Or a sewing machine from the early 20th century!

The person who founded this online community, u/Petrarch1603, got the inspiration for it from r/ShutUpandTakeMyMoney. "I noticed that sometimes [it featured] useful products that I was interested in buying. Unfortunately, I also noticed a lot of gimmicks and cheaply made products too," they explained.

Now, r/BuyItForLife is twice the size of its predecessor. I guess people really appreciate pristine craftsmanship!

#1 These Russian Valenki Felted Wool Boots, Made Entirely Out Of Hardened Wool That Served Me So Well Here In Texas In Ver The Past Couple Days. No Soles, No Form, Basically Like Wearing Snow Proof 2 Inch Thick Hard Wool Socks. Had Them For 5 Years, No Sign Of Wear

Image credits: Nickadeamus36

#2 A Customer Of Mine Finally Decided To Upgrade... Motorola Razr, Purchased November 2006

Image credits: liveditlovedit

#3 It‘S Time To Switch My Ipod Classic (2006) For Spotify. Have Been Using It Daily For 15 Years But Spotify Is Just Too Convenient. Rest In Peace Little One

Image credits: Fluegelnuss420

#4 GF Gave Me This For My Birthday. I Expect To Be Using It For The Rest Of My Days. French Made, Le Creuset, Enameled Cast Iron Sauce Pan

Image credits: Synthdawg_2

#5 Graphgear 500 Mechanical Pencil. The One On Top I’ve Used For 20 Years, The Other Is Brand New

Image credits: MayOverexplain

#6 Proudly Bought It With My Paper Route Money 50 Years Ago Because It Was The Heaviest One :) Good Choice - Still Works Perfectly. Audition, Made In Hong Kong

Image credits: HippySol

#7 Rolleicord 6x6 Film Camera From The 60's Still Going Strong And Some Examples Of The Pictures It Makes

Image credits: 8zil

#8 Oregano - Mom Got A Piece Of An Oregano Plant From Her Aunt When I Was A Kid. She Transplanted Some To One House, Then Another And Another, Then To My Place, And Again When I Moved. We Have Never Purchased Oregano In My Entire Life. It Even Pops Up In The Lawn, Makes Grass Cutting Smell Nice

Image credits: mariatoyou

#9 She Ain’t Pretty, But This Ge Microwave Made It Through My Childhood, College Years, And She’s Still Going Strong!

Image credits: PremiumRedditer12

#10 My Great Uncle's Watch That Lived Through Combat In Ww2. Wound It Up And It Still Works Perfectly

Image credits: polarbeargirl9

#11 Buy It For Multiple Lives! 1916 Singer 66, My Main Sewing Machine

Image credits: mcculloughpatr

#12 My 20+ Year Old Toothbrush (Left) Next To My Wife’s 10 Year Old Brush

Image credits: nikdahl

#13 Lunch Box From ‘89. Thermos From ‘97. New Old Stock. I’m So Excited

Image credits: ANCAP127

#14 My Dads Levis Jacket From 1980! I’ve Been Wearing It For About A Year Now

Image credits: seanssy

#15 Here’s The Before And After Finished Product On My $5 Allen Edmond’s. These Bifl Shoes Were Destined For The Dumpster But I Was Able To Bring Them Back To Life. The Dye Color Is Uneven Between The Left And Right, But I’m Just Gonna Let It Bug Me For A While Until I Get Around To Fixing It

Image credits: chadlikemad

#16 Do Computer Keyboards Count? I Restore And Collect Vintage Keyboards To Use Daily And My Ibm 5251 Is My Favorite. 1979

Image credits: Kirkwood1994

#17 My 1965 Gillette Slim Adjustable - Built Like A Tank!

Image credits: UpsetProfessional_

#18 Grado Headphones, Bought Them 15 Years Ago, Modded Last Week To Keep Them For 15 More Years

Image credits: Effet_Ralgan

#19 Was Told To Post My Grandparents Desk Here (228 Years Old)

Image credits: thebobrup

#20 8 Below. Rolling Blackouts Have Hit. Behold My Grandmother's Vintage Pyrex Percolator. All Pieces Are Intact And In Use. We Shall Not Suffer From A Lack Of Coffee!!!!

Image credits: ladyofthelathe

#21 Bought A Set Of Silicone Resealable Bags 4 Years Ago And They’re Used Every Day And Still In Perfect Condition. Haven’t Thrown A Single Zip-Loc Away In All That Time!

Image credits: Ikbensterdam

#22 Restoring The Wooden Beams Of My House And Found This. (More Like "Buy It For The Next 6 Generations")

Image credits: zulangewach

#23 Bought It In '88 With Money My Grandmother Left Me. My Mother Was Upset That I Spent My Inheritance On Something As Ephemeral As A Bicycle. I've Ridden Thousands Of Miles On It, Including A Double Century In 2000. Now It's My Townie Bike, For Shopping, Commuting, And Errands

Image credits: CPetersky

#24 Colman Snow-Lite Low Boy Cooler From The 60s. Gifted To Me From My Grandparents Who Picked It Up From A Thrift Store Nearly 20 Years Ago. Still Holds Ice For Nearly A Week!

Image credits: Ahobo1

#25 My Girlfriend Uses This Sewing Machine To Make Masks. Her Great-Grandmother Bought It New Back In 1925. It Still Works Perfectly

Image credits: archpope

#26 I Bought This Palette Knife Over 30 Years Ago And Have Created Countless Paintings With It

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#27 I'm Nearly 30 And I Have Had These Reef Brand Sandles Since I Was At Least 15, Perhaps 14. They Have Been Around The World While I Was In The Marines And Have Been Attached To My Feet Every Weather Permitting Day I've Gone Outside. They Are Still Strong And Show No Signs Of Slowing Down 10/10

Image credits: thebookofrook

#28 I Thought My Late Father's Decades Old Polishing Cloth Would Need To Be Replaced By Now, But It Still Gets The Job Done Every Time. Makes Me Smile

Image credits: devs_oa

#29 My 35 Year Old Henry!

Image credits: J3ttf

#30 Bifg (Buy It For Generations): My Viking Husqvarna 21a, From Early 1960's. Belonged To My Grandma. My Son Is The 4th Generation To Use This Machine... Spending Quality Father-Son Time Teaching Him How To Sew Useful And Beautiful Things That Will Also Last A Long Time

Image credits: 3LlamasInATrenchCoat

#31 If Only I Could Find A Pencil Sharpener Like This One. My Dad Has Had It In His Office Since The Early 90s (If Not Before). As A Teacher, I’m In Awe. They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Image credits: cds75

#32 Frye “Fulton” Leather Boots. Bought In 2010 For $350.00, Worn On Every Date, Family Holiday, And Special Occasion Since. Now, Luck Enough To Wear Them To Work

Image credits: MxCmrn

#33 Barber Chair, 100 Years Old And Reconditioned!

Image credits: dmburke007

#34 My Old Desk Fan From The 50’s I Think, Has Two Settings And Runs Incredibly Smooth

Image credits: zimbabwe_gov

#35 Dr Martens 1460 (UK) Purchased 1992

Image credits: shalpin

#36 I Was Looking Through Top Of All Time And Found Something Familiar

Image credits: KodiakPL

#37 This Camping Table Set Bought By My Grandparents In The -60s Just Saw Its Fourth Generation Of Users. The Tent Is On Generation Two

Image credits: Gahouf

#38 Vorwerk Tiger 251. Built In 1982 And Still Sucks Harder Than Your Mother's

Image credits: ScatLabs

#39 My 1988 Ariens Gt20 With 60" Deck And The Boy Who Will Hopefully Still Be Riding It When He's In His 30s

Image credits: Buwaro

#40 My Grandma’s Westinghouse Microwave

Image credits: BigTigerNuts

#41 We're Doing Staplers Now? Here's My Made-In-Chicago Ace 502 From The 1940s Or ’50s. They're Available On Ebay For About $25

Image credits: JuanOffhue

#42 Faema E61, Reliably Making Excellent Coffee Since The Sixties

Image credits: Morgenroede56

#43 My +35 Y/O Fire Truck That My Son Now Plays With. It Still Has The Orange Shag Carpet My Father Put On The Seat To Make It More Comfortable

Image credits: Buster_Bluth__

#44 Just Got Done Detailing My Grandpa's 1971 Schwinn Racer! These Bikes Were Built For Life That's For Sure!

Image credits: WillisTheApe

#45 My Grandmothers Wedgewood Oven. At Least 70 Yrs Old

Image credits: Cdl505

#46 Staplers?? Huh. Here’s My Tried, Trusted, And Tantalizing Cadet Model 302. Ain’t She Pretty?

Image credits: enderofgalaxies

#47 Original Nintendo Gameboy

Image credits: IronicDeadPan

#48 Joining You All With Yesterday's $10 Find At Goodwill - Coleman Powerhouse Lamp From 1995

Image credits: IndeterminateScope

#49 My 49-Year-Old Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman Folding Spincasting Rod/Reel Combo; Brought In Another Ten Fish Today

Image credits: Nekomengyo

#50 My Grandfather’s Iron, It Has Never Broke

Image credits: jucapiga

#51 Grandma’s Old Blender Is Still Going Strong 40+ Years Later

Image credits: decafsoylatteplease

#52 I Thought I Had The Same Too, But It’s “Just” A Hanhart

Image credits: oofted

#53 1986 Yamaha Pw50. Still Starts On The First Kick, And You Can Still Buy Them To This Day

Image credits: Mevaa07

#54 I Restored A Neglected Old Wrench. It Wasn't Ready To Retire

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#55 Whelp, After 21 Years My X1 Finally Had A Failure With A Blown O-Ring. 'Tis Okay Though, Since It's Still In Production And A New One Was Only $1

Image credits: javaavril

#56 Thrifted From Bulgaria Around 2 Decades Ago. Rail Road Worker Steel Toe Boots. Haven't Moved An Inch Since The Day I Got Them

Image credits: TheVoidWithout

#57 Flip-Clock. Bought In The 60s, Outlived My Grandfather, And Hopefully Will Outlive Me As Well

Image credits: neverfarts

#58 My Grandma Gave Me Her Gingher Scissors Today (In The Original Box!), She Used Them For Ages Before She Taught Me To Sew With Them About 15 Years Ago. Beautifully Sharp Now, Just As I Remember Them Being Years Ago

Image credits: emiluffy

#59 Any Love For Purdy Paint Brushes? Wash Them Out Well And They'll Last Decades. I've Had This One For 15 Years. It's Painted Three Apartments

Image credits: johnn11238

#60 Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes. Originally Purchased In 1970... 51 Years Ago. Buy Heirloom, Buy It Once

Image credits: topbunn

#61 My Mom’s Crock Pot That She Got In January, 1980. 41 Years Old And Still Works Without Any Issues

Image credits: Snipard

#62 The Old Swing Away. Same One My Parents Used To Open My Baby Food. Indestructible

Image credits: tomboski

#63 Tullen Snips! Cut Basically Anything, Last For Decades. I Grew Up With A Pair In Our Kitchen So I Was Stoked To Find My Own Pair

Image credits: geckospots

#64 Bought It 30 Years Ago When I Got My First Place To Myself. It's Seen A Lot Of Use Over The Years And Has Needed Zero Maintenance. I Cleaned Up For The First Time In A Long Time, And It Looks Practically New Still

Image credits: capilot

#65 These Cross Pens Were My Grandfathers From The 1960s. He Worked As A Test Fail Analysis Engineer For General Dynamics. These Pens Were Used To Try To Win The Space Race, And Now I Use Them Every Day As I Work To Follow In His Footsteps

Image credits: RVCA_rocker17

#66 Just ~70k Away From Being A Half Million Mile Daily Driver

Image credits: sightlab

#67 My Dad Bought A New Knife After 50 Years

Image credits: guitarbldr

#68 The Legendary 90’s Toyota Land Cruiser. 24 Years Old And Only Needs Routine Maintenance

Image credits: A12851

#69 40 Years Of Laundry. My Parents Bought This In 1980 When They First Got Married. It's Also Live A Life As A Pretend Boat And Turtle Shell When I Was Little. It's In Great Condition And I'm So Happy To Be Giving It More Life

Image credits: Hollyinhd

#70 Finally, All The Thrifting Has Paid Off

Image credits: L320Y

#71 Jc Penney Hot Air Popcorn Popper. Purchased 1980. Still Going Strong (Think It Was Made By Waring)

Image credits: Westsidebill

#72 The Prest-O Gun Donut Maker - A Beautiful Example Of 1950's Industrial Design For A Simple Tool Built To Last

Image credits: WickedFlick

#73 My Five Dollar, 1977 Steelcase Office Chair. I Love That It's A Low Back, And It's So Comfortable. Will Definitely Survive The Apocalypse

Image credits: angryray

#74 Coleman 4 Person Tent I Won In The 8th Grade. This Has Seen Abuse Camping As A Kid, High-School Parties, College Canoe Trips And Hunting Trips In The Rockies In 3 Seasons, And Now It's Being Abused By My 3 And 6 Year Old Nephew And Niece. Well Over 100 Camping Trips And No Rips Or Tears. 10/10

Image credits: bearcoon90210

#75 30 Year Igloo vs. 4 Months

Image credits: Bixlerdude

#76 Coleman Lanterns 1965, 1973, 1977

Image credits: xrobevansx

#77 Ohh, We're Doing Reversible Cloth Belts Now? I've Been Waiting For This. Patagonia, Purchased Summer Of '93. I Wear It Most Days

Image credits: Super901

#78 With These Two 12" Cast Iron Fb Marketplace Finds, I Can Finally Banish The Last Of The Teflon Coated Rubbish From My Kitchen. Brands Unknown, But Each Weighs 6lb+

Image credits: PJHart86

#79 Zenith Transoceanic - The Radio For Those That Love Radio. This 1969 R3000 Has Been My Daily Late Night Listening Rig For About A Year Now. I Collect Them And Rotate Them In And Out Of Service. Almost Always Found Working. The Build Quality On These Is Impressive. Battery Life Is Equally Impresive

Image credits: TapeLabMiami

#80 Found An Old Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw At A Thrift Store For $15. Took It Apart,. Cleaned It. Polished It. New Grease... Works Great!

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#81 Just Nabbed What I Hope To Be A Bifl Clothes Dryer, A Unimac Front Loader. Found It At Local College Surplus Store Barely Used. Hardly Any Lint In Exhaust Duct. Now To Do Some Maintenance And Wire It Up

Image credits: TapeLabMiami

#82 A Hammer From Back When Stanley Made Really Great Lifelong Tools

Image credits: SinistramSitNovum

#83 Still No Rust After 34 Years. Daily Driver. Preventative Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 My Trusty 2006 Roomba Discovery, Still Regularly Cleaning My Workshop. I've Repaired Him Several Times Over The Years, And Have Just Replaced Some Mosfets And Transistors, But He's Still Reliable And Hard Working 15 Years Later

Image credits: jessecakeindustries

#85 Best Coleman Product I Ever Bought - 20+ Years

Image credits: ross_the_winner

#86 My "New" (Renewed) Osprey Ag 50 Backpack From The Renewal Workshop. Only $140 USD And Zero Waste!

Image credits: AnalogDan

#87 Tivoli Audio, Henry Kloss Model One Radio. Manufactured In Feb. 2001. Purchased For $15 In Thrift Store About 10 Years Ago. Exceptional Sound Quality Still! Have It Tuned Daily To Wqxr Classical Radio, Running 8-10 Hours Every Day For Years!

Image credits: ronflair

#88 My Towel That I'm Still Using Today Was Made In West Germany, Making It At Least 32 Years Old

Image credits: bmw_engine_oil

#89 Mimar Model St-28s I Restored For My Girlfriend, I Think It’s From The 1950s

Image credits: zimbabwe_gov

#90 My Grandpa's Double Bit Walter Axe. Bought In 1940s Ontario And Logged With It Across Canada Until He Retired In '70s B.c

Image credits: reportcrosspost

#91 Marlboro Adventure Team Duffel. Closing In On 30 Years Of Use

Image credits: dubbleoshoe

#92 Had The One On The Right For 10 Years, Left Is Brand New. Been Playing Erryday For 12 Years For 1-6 Hours A Day. Really A Testament To Their Durability. Gravity Picks

Image credits: musicmanxv

#93 My 15 Year Old Wahl Designers. Used Almost Weekly For Personal Haircuts For The Entire Time. Do A Deep Clean By Removing The Blade Once A Year. Keep The Blades Clean And Oiled After Ever Use. These Have No Signs Of Stopping Anytime Soon

Image credits: Ryan0339

#94 This Juicit Juicer From The Late 60s Is A Champ. Just Made 5 Qts Of Juice!

Image credits: descentintomael

#95 1984 Honda Lawnmower. Been In My Family 3 Generations, Still Starts On The First Pull!

Image credits: Last-Difference-3311

#96 A True Bifl Gift From Grandpa Today

Image credits: jpryor13

#97 Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack. Purchased Online Back In 2001 And Has Been To Over Sixty Countries. Perfect For Trekking And Living Out Of For Shoestring Budget Traveling. Seen Here In Taiyuan, China Shortly Before Boarding A Train To Trek Through Tibet

Image credits: MSotallyTober

#98 My 70 Year Old Dazor Model 1000 Desk Lamp That’s In My Shop

Image credits: Vesuz

#99 Contigo Travel Mug. Lid Broke (Left). Filled Out The Form On The Website. Honoring The Lifetime Warranty, They Were Going To Send Me A New Lid. But The Lids By Themselves Were Out Of Stock, So They Mailed Me A Whole New One (Right)

Image credits: Cardtastic

#100 42 And Still Plenty To Do!

Image credits: LitterReallyAngersMe