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Sunday 20th October 2019
Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. 

Well my day got better as the day went on yesterday, this was the highlight of my day, as much as I love my workshops and I do - yesterday especially made me realise more than anything how important my 'job' is to me, I love being a WW coach and helping members achieve their goals and feel better about themselves along the way - but time spent with my mom like I did yesterday afternoon is just precious, I managed to convince her to go for a drive, we ended up stopping for ice-cream on the Hollybush garden centre car park, it was amazing, she guessed they were 60p each when in fact they were £3 each, my how times change, I wished we still lived in the 60p era with today's wages, that would be nice.  for that hour nothing else in the world mattered and it was just about being silly and having giggles as we drown down the country lanes.  

She then agreed to let me help her shower, well that was hilarious, I ended up wetter than she was, but it made her giggle again which is the best sound in the world, so more than worth the mess and the fact we got every towel in the house wet!  Oh bugga I've just remembered they're still in the washing machine, I forgot to take them out - DOH! 

Yesterday also reminded me of the importance of sisters and not just the blood one who is incredible by the way.  No I love my sisters, those close friends who understand me, love me and have always got my back.  They also forgive me when I've been a knob, when I speak without thinking and say something maybe I shouldn't have, because that's me too!  If you have a loving sister or someone in your life you class as your sister then you're lucky, I have both, I'm super blessed.  

Yeah I've met so many sisters through WW, I'm truly grateful,  I call my tribe Bev's Happy Owls, for those who don't know it stands for 'Over Weight ladies or lads', I came up with the name over 10 years ago now because I was trying to get people to realise it wasn't all about the numbers, it's about loving yourself regardless, taking care of yourself and eating well and being happy with who you are as you work at changing your habits so that you can lose weight.  This has always been my mission, to help others see their value, to help where I can and I believe you get back what you give out which is why I have such an incredible tribe full of amazing people.   You know who you are, not need to namecheck here.
 What's not to love about a Happy Owl, especially when they're peaking out like this! 
Anyway, I'm being mushy, but I feel the need to be this morning, so I will be if I want to be.  You never know what might happen tomorrow so today tell those you love, that you love them.  Thank those that have made a difference to your life.   Be grateful, be thankful and love with all your heart, you can't beat a hug to say I love you, or to say sorry.  Ain't none of us perfect, we all mess up, but if we apologise when we do and do things from a place of love then this world would be a better place.  I was reminded yesterday that sometimes you don't appreciate something as much as you should until you're in danger of losing it!  

Let's touch on food for a minute, my diet wasn't the greatest yesterday, but I did resist the takeaway, instead I found these in the bottom of my freezer, they helped up my veggie intake, I didn't mind the aubergine at all actually.
My list still isn't that long really, so I will continue to improve it over the coming weeks.  More variety, I could add some baked beans and lentils, they'll count too.   

potatoes (don't count towards 5 a day though)
spring onions
plum tomatoes (yellow and red)
butternut squash
red and yellow peppers 
green beans

It's looking promising for a walk this morning with my bro, sunrise ain't till 7.41am though, so not as early as we usually do, we're staying local though so that'll help with me not being gone too long.  Mom's been a lot better since having sleeping tablets, apart from her usual sundowning mood change last night, yesterday was a brilliant day with her, it was so wonderful to have such a good day, here's hoping today is another one. mwah xx

Luv ya 

Love me xx