What Your Choice of Airplane Seat Says About Your Personality

There are plenty of things that reveal your character. If you wanna know more about someone's personality, just ask them what seat they prefer on a plane, what their biggest fear is, and whether they are a stickler for grammar. Yes, even some seemingly insignificant behaviors can provide insights into your personality traits and the way you approach life!

For example, if you prefer a window seat, you might be a little more on the selfish side. You like your personal space and can be easily irritated. Do you have a fear of flying? If so, you prefer to be in control. Those types usually don’t like being tens of thousands of feet up in the air and unable to do anything if something goes wrong with the plane. Do grammar mistakes annoy you? That’s a sure sign of introversion!

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Seat on a plane 0:14
Music 0:43
Body language 1:09
Your carry-on bag 1:34
Messaging 1:57
How about those shoes? 2:16
Your fears 2:41
How do you eat сhocolate bunnies? 3:29
Where are you headed? 3:53
Your favorite color 4:30
Your pet 5:32
Grammar mistakes 6:05
Your favorite food 6:25
Your handwriting 7:28

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