What is Going on With Cops? I Can’t Breathe They Got Their Knee on My Throat

This is a repostment with a lot of more information than before. Apologies for grammar errors from before. I still have not fixed the spell checker but I wanted to repost asap.

What is going on with cops? Every yeaar cops in the US kill over a thousand U.S. citizens

First, there is nothing new going on with cops but if we had old timers born around first WW1 one moust agree that would see cops in a different light that we see today. These were cops with little education as long as they could read, write and carry a conversation they would probably say good cops.  "If I had a problem in the farm or someone was stealing my chickens or threatening my kid while he went to school and I told the cop on my beat he would try to helped me out. A little talk sometimes is all it takes." 

But those were different times in which police forces were small and did not possess weapons that the military carried at the time. Iam sure people with experience with experience with cops would say today cops are brutal, nothing like before.

Today in sosme cases you have cops that are high schoold graduates and others that have gone to at  to maybe to two years of college plus 6 months in the academy. But still they behave when you watch them while they are being recorded, like primary school kids playing in the school backyeard. They believe in not backing down on any situation or no one, which they see as unmanly for them to let the person they stop for any reason, wether a suspect or someone they are interested  in to winning any argument with them, even if the person is a lawyer and the cops is being quoted the law. What ever rights a motorist might have who  committed no crime but it was stop becasue the cop was fishing to get something that is going to stick and make him look good for that slow week, or quota in some departments. At any point he can escalate the situation, any situation to ask for back up. He is the cop who called it in and he has authority over the (non) crime scene wether is a cop knocking on a door because the stereo is a little too loud or maybe he said the driver failed to signal to turn.  They are fishing for something else and it does not matter what the reason is, if they can bring charges, they are still on the driver's seat.

Once back up arrives, they don't know what the situation is and don't know wether this a cop in trouble or out of control and lying to get collars, or a cop just like them trying to make a living and fight a community that do not like them. "Us against Them" The reason I used "He" and never she is becausse the female cops tend to follow their male counter parts flow. These women know they have not made it, no matter what you see on TV. The union do not support them and the only way they can stay in their jobs and hopefully get promoted and out of what ever bad precint they might have been put on with a commander who want to get something fom them for the good word. So the importance here is the male cop and all his male testestrome and ages old conditioning to be the leader of the pack. Never to give, always to take.

Iam glad that now we are in a different age than we were even 10 years ago.

  Why is that? 

Cell phones! Most people have one and they can record and tape. The cops nationally have tried to fight this and make it sound like their privacy is being invaded and people are interfering with them and their arrests. As a result there are jails and courts littered with summonses for people that want to check the cops with cams. But why would the cops object? Wether you work for Apple computer or UPS you are on cam and microphones and are being recorded. This elimated the he said she said. But cops have always said they are special. When they ask to answer and is because they 'put their lives on the line' for the community like no one else ever does. But the politicians reinforcing this falacy  because the police department protects them. If the cops are lacking what ever the politicians are to be blame for it. Why do politicans do that?  Because they don't go by reality they go by votes. Saying nice things about cops is always been the american way to talk.

 Law and Order.

I hope we can end that!!!! Sounds real nice but there are other plenty of jobs and people doing work which have a more significant amount of injuries and death compare to cops. Cops that can't even run because of a belt full of tools and most of them are deadly tools for one citizen or the other. Be guilty of stealing a candy bar or being guilty of nothing. As a matter of fact the bigger the crime the more chances the perpetrator will entually live to face a judge not a bullet, or a beating that will kill him or her or make him a paraplegic.. How can that be?
Simple, on high publicity cases the media is watching and who wants to throw their career or promotion away because they lost their temper.

I always remember when the new mayor of New York City on a cops funeral, all the cops lined with their white gloves on attention turned around and gave him their back as he passed. Where does that happen? That would have been the perfect opportunity to find out why the cops had the liberty to do that. To me it seems more than disrescpectful it looked like cops out of control. Im sure the union organized that. Instead of taking steps to reign the police he did everything to be pals with the police. Even when the police commisioner resigned he named as his succesor from the ranks. Another cop for the cops.  The mayor and the union, particularly in NYC aree responsible for every death of an unarmed citizen that the cops kill. Why? The mayor is incharge of the echanism to hire, fire and appoint. Everything from the training of cops to the equipment they carry is approved by the mayor.
The comes the union.

The Union

This is the most crazy idea I have ever heard of. Why cops need a union? The answer is going to be, protection. The cops need protection from whom? The laws that are here to protect the citizens and make sure cops get paid what is allowed in the budget for them like any other dept. When the law was signed there was another law enacted which made it illegal for cops to go on strike or slow downs. No problem, cops are experts in going around stupid laws. They call in sick.  They even get pay for it. Who is responsible for this and who organizes it, the union. As a kid I remeber the teachers going on strike. The mayor then, put the head of the union in jail. His name I believe was Albert Shanker. He got out when the strike ended and then there were other charges. He didn't stay much longer. Coming back to the union and cops, Why would the union protect killer cops that usually have a history of complaints? Good question...They don't have a good answer either. The mayor, Governor and legislature could fix this with legislation.I don't expect any in the near future. But the voters have a lot of reponsibility too. They, we could make it clear to these politicians willl go, if we don't get legislation to outlaw the union or. at least take heir power away. One good way is to take away the power to take their union fees directly from the checks (check-off). Take the power away, money is power.

The dangerous cop

The dangerous cop comes into the scene as a killer and law breaker when there is no one watching. That is when all that male testestrome comes into play. What? You don't want to give me your name? Will see....That was the experience of a decent non law breaker, hard working middle class hispanic general manager which at the time he worked for a national jewelry chain. He made a mistake . He allowed somone whose brother was a cop and the other brother worked for the mayor's office, all alcoholics , but the problem was they were connected. In any case when this individual who open the door for the alcoholic guy and made him his roomate after all the lies and acting a professional acoholic can give, then upon seeing this guy would not even buy milk he needed money for booze. He was told after many warning to go. Somehow the cops got involved because he wanted the other guy out (Iam aware of the good samaritan law but it does not apply here, there were plenty of notices to vacate). Well the cops were called in and a male Dade County cop came in with a woman cop. 

The guy was so incensed of being brought in to the house of gays, he was not a happy cop.  Out of the blue standing on the balcony he decided to arrest the hispanic guy. What charges? No explanation given. He took the owner of the home without shoes, wearing shorts and tshirt to the car with his hand tied to his back. Then droved off. On the way where ever he was going the woman cop want it to get in formation and fill out they had to submit Information now after the arrest. Waht is your name, address, ss number? You mean you arrested a man without knowing what he did wrong or who he is? The hispanic man answered. He believed the arrest was illegal.  He was taken to a solitary property and the cop got out of the driver seat as the woman cop smiled with excitement, and came to beat him up with a baton. The hispanic man knew he would be killed and for what reason? He gave this cop the information he wanted. He went back to the driver seat and told the woman cop, "this is how you deal with them."

Yes all the charges were dropped and the alcoholic guy had to move out (the cop brother got him out, he knew what this was going to cost both of them). The guy who was arrested..charges "resisting arrest and spitting on the cop which the cop believed he would get now get AIDS because this was a homosexual dispute.  You most imagine that none of it happened. But cops can come up with anything that sounds sometimes good or have seen on "Cops" on TV. The judge put this cop on his place and threw everything out. Meanwhile this man that got arrested went to internal affairs. They would not even talk to him until he gave them the ID and waited for ever. They did tell him what they were doing and were polite. The investigator seemed bother after he knew who the hispanic man was.it was going into the conplaintners' background, FBI check to see who he was. When eventually one of the investigators came back and said he was really bothered by what had happened to this individual. But his advice was to do nothing until his case came to court and was totally dismissed otherwise something could happen to him.  He was told to come back when he won the case. Then Andrew destroyed Dade County. 

I compacted this case to the important factors and I held myself from editorializing too much so you would do so.


The problem with the cops is Governor Cuomo and the Mayor D Blasio of NYC and by saying that I use them as an example to all other governors and mayors which are the ones that set up guidelines to hire cops and name the chief of police and or commisioner.  Which the case of Mr. Floyd was on the news media which both NY politicians thanking the Police. They keep thanking the cops in NYC for a wonderful job they do. They were specially grateful to the union (they did not mention it) that those cops as per the union rules could have stayed home because it might have been too dangerous for them with the Pandemic They did not mention that we had vegetables and much food because the people collecting the food in the fields have no union. They worked 7 days a week 12 hrs a day and all had COVID-19 but who cares about them. They are not white and they should be grateful the had work and about the Pandemic, well you have to die of something.
Instead much was made about some cops cathing Corona Virus. Instead you had a few number of cops catch COVID-19 even though nurses, interns and cleaning people in hospitals which make a fraction of what the cops make yet they were gettting infected and some dying at a higher rate than cops. The could not even go home for fear of infecting their families in case they had it.
The difference? The union.

Who ever allowed cops to have a union is one of those things that is been in the books for years but it makes no sence and no body would there touch it. They would rather cut the school's budget, Hospitals like both Governor and Mayor have already said instead of saying the union should dissapear or for the cops to make less overtime and not carry the weapons of war the police a city in which the law breakers even though it doesnt seem at times but still the law breakers are less than the decent people.

The answer which I will even numbere it for us all

1. Hiring: Hire cops that don't have a problem with women, gays, blacks, brown, immigration and can be a top or bottom. I don't mean sexually but someone gay will understand what Im say. Which is simply sometimes you got the reason and law behind you and sometimes you have in front. If you got yourself in a situation in which you might loose your temper and loose your temper and the law. Wind down and it's ok to let the citizen win as long as they are in the right. Make sure is someone that can be both, A Good teacher and a good student. Someone who has proven he has no bias agsinst the people he police or protect. Know the law, stick by the law "NEVER LIE"

2. A police academy who teaches these young recruits the truth on actual cases. mainly how you are suppose to de escalate. We know that cops are the worse escalators of any situation. I imagine you have heard what I have many times. "Let's not call the cops because there will be a federal case out of this shit"

3. Take all tose stupid weapons the cops carry. Give then a choice: A gun or teaser. Have these cops be in top shape they can outrun most people and there is not nead bor a metal batton, teaser, bullets , guns, machine guns, etc. All tose weapons are are the disposition when you have a bad incient and then you bring in the calvary, But for for the people you serve?

4. Teach these cops who their bosses are. Theya re suppose to be servants of th epublic so as when they ahve to handcuffed someone their word can be truthful on a recording or not. Talking about the truth Do not allow cops to turn off the cams with ot permission and call agin letting the system know how long they were off cam. If an incient happens and no cam. Then no job. They should not have more job security than anybody else. Yes, job security if they are good cops, if they are not lets hav a a party whe oneleaves because the rules are too stringent.

5. The governor and the mayor should keep their praise and criticism to indivdual cops. If a cop saves someones life even tjough it was their job it's ok to priase them but when they fuck up then is ok to say it. Let's stop this general non stop praising of cops. Losts of cops in NYC are bad! But the governor and mainly the maor are responsible. We also don't need a chief that is love by the cops which seems the current chief and commisioner seem to be doing. Let them be feared..that should be their job. What cops wont work for them or turn their backs on them like cops did on the Mayors inaguration??? then there will be replacemnt cops.

6. No Unions and  give the comissioner the power to fire any cop for cause.
 be the commisioner be a civilian even if they were cops in th past

This is not brain cancer operation here. It is simple but we have fallen into a hole that as long as we and politicians can run and get elected, all is good until is bad and then it was not their faults it was the cops fault even though they are responsible for hiring training and keeping those cops.

I speak about NYC cops because they are the ones I know the best but I also know about Miami Dade and other municiaplities where I ended up when my company kept transferring me. I will never forget a cop in Rochester, NY. As I cruised the small town as eveything was close being night time and at the time it was all commecials establishments downtown. Trying to make a left during a sudden wet snow storm, my car skidded and hit a water hydrant. I got out expecting the worse but the only damage was to a tire. I got the equitpment out and as I began the task of changing the tire under 25 degrees temps I see the blue lights. I thought, the hydrnat is not damaged what would he ticket me for.?
Young cop but experienced it seemed. I didn't have to say anything he saw the damaged to the tire and skid marks. We introduced each other and then he said stand aside you have a suit and I don't want you to get dirty Ill do this for you. I felt so guilty and I said no but you are going to get dirty and he said I get paid for that. The he went on to change my tire. I wanted to hug him and kiss him to thank him but then I knew I will probably get locked up.

We started a friendship between him , his fiancee and I and I was just amazed. I even eventually hired him to respond to any alarm going on at the store on his free time.

We can fix the cop problem but to do that we most fix our selves and how we hire and train cops. Mainly hire. Feds won't help except if we can make easier to sue the hell out cities and towns that allow bad cops. 

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Can You breathe with these thousand not correctly trained men policing us. It should scare everyone. 

Notes: New York City had to doll out half a billion dollars in the last five years. Why? Cases of police brutality. Who paid for those half a billion$?? The NY tax payers pay for it. How about cops pension funds? They are guarrantee to pay out to the cops even at times of market downshift. There have been retired cops making 100k  dollars to a man in their fifties who retired (not in NY) and was arrestwd because he was alundring money and stealing. 100k was not enough for this poice chief.

One idea! Why not pay cases of brutality by taking it from the guilty copspension or better yet from all. Let them keep and eye an each other. Money always works..

Lets make it personal: I have a niece who is you younger than me. She retired after twenty years in the NYPD. She started when we had a subway police dept. Now all police in NYC is been incorporated together. So she retired in NY as a NYPD. She has less schooling than I have, she just have a H.S. diploma and the 6 months in the academy. Even on the years that I made top money on salary, bonus, and commisions., she made more.

I worked about 25 years in the fine Jewelry industry. She always made more money than I made as a solitary cop. On my retirenment and hers I had to sell my 401k and other investments because I got sick and could not work for two years. I was between jobs at the time so there was no company to pick up my bills like I always had with good health insurance in every company. She retired and bought land in Perto Rico when land there was at a premium. Then she built the mansion she wanted.

Just for her and her dogs because she never married. I was told it was so big at times she felt lonesome in such a place. All on NY tax payers money of not just her salary but her retirenment money. She is a very nasty girl so once we had it out because she came to visit and of coarse she stayed with me in a real nice place I had by the water, she brought a girl friend. They went to dance at a club that was very popular with the white crowd or the want to be white incrowd at North Miami Beach by the water. They stay out all night. I was off the next day because they were visiting. Late in the afternoon after they got up and gave me back my living room,  the door bell rings but there was no notice from the door man. It was a very private building in which I consulted with my comapny before moving there. for security reasons and since they were paying my moving expenses.

One of the security rules I had was to keep an unlisted phone number, so as not to get a phone call in the middle of the night saying they were the alarm company and then get me all alone by the store. I knew who I gave that phone number. It just so happend that situation of having some on calling and getting the manger all alone, it was easy for them to put a gun on his/her face and have them open the safe. The alarm would go off because it was off hours but either the manager was made to say everythibg was ok or they just emptied the safe and ran out, leaving the poor manager tied up which was what had happened. So I was very careful.

 This young cutie guy is at the door and she said it was ok it was their friend.Tht is how he got in with my phone number. I didn't like it but if it was her friend then it had to be ok until I find out by talking to the guy after giving him a beer and they just gave the guy my phone number but they didnt even know him. It was someone they wanted to trick with or go out with them and they gave him the number. They were hanging out with him and since this was before cells, it would not be like her to ask for anything or say excuse me. I went through the process of becoming a cop but changed my mind. I wonder how sh got throught he interviews but I guess you just show the nice side of your face.

I was outraged and even though I could have managed the situation better, I never liked this girl. I though she was in the right profession because she was nasty, no education and pushy. I told the guy to go. He was not my friend these girls were just visiting and he can be with them but no in my house

Before that I talked to my partner in the bedroom. That could have been a mistake. He didn't like them either and  think he was really hopping I kick them all out.  That is all I needed just a nod.lol
I was not goong to kick family out but the cutie had to go. He said "You just gave me a beer", so I said you can't be drinking a beer while you get back outside so I'll take it.   LOL

So this excop that I would not have hired to clean my house carried a gun and badge,etc.
Why I bring this up? To make a point of how well cops are compensated. Not a rookie but once you start putting in years the union will love you and they will take care of you. I don't mind a cop making 100k or more when they retire but people that make a diference without taking lives are not treated that way. The cops in NY go aroubd like they can do no wrong and they are taken care of when they are working or not. This lie the union paints off the politicians and the politcians getting points by the unaware public have to stop! The law and order should go on both ways!If we can get reform thanks to Mr. Floyd, I will always be grateful to him even though I never met him.