This Spanish language training wants to rewire your mind

If the last 50 years of education have taught us nothing else, it’s that it often requires different tactics to best reach different learners.

To pick up a foreign language, some students take best to the old-school high school language lab method, using heavy repetition, verb conjugation and grammar emphasis to embed a new language.

But for others, a little more context is in order to make the learning stick. And if your mind is already not attuned to memorization and processing lots of information, you might need a different take on learning a new language.

The Complete Conversational Spanish Mastery Bundle approaches language acquisition from a different tact, emphasizing conversational speaking while you basically rewire your learning methods to be a better practitioner of your new tongue.

This collection brings together three courses, surprisingly only including one centered around speaking Spanish. The other two focus on the way a student learns, offering helpful tactics to make the process of jumping into a new language more inviting to produce better results.

The first course is Conversational Spanish Made Easy, including training that hones in teaching useful Spanish phrases that would be top of mind during a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. As students learn different ways of speaking about a room reservation, taking public transportation, or ordering a meal, they’re gaining essential confidence with Spanish phrases and vocabulary without getting bogged down in the daunting task of hyper-specific grammar or verb tenses.

In the Brainspotting course, your training gets deeper into how you learn by trying to boost your language skills through Brainspotting. This neuroscience-based technique aims to help remove psychological barriers to your learning, sorting through sources of pain and trauma, both emotional and physical, to improve your performance in everyday life.

Finally, the Become a Super Learner training is all about the tactics for turning your mind into a supercomputer. With this course, users work on memory enhancing and speed reading techniques to learn how to make deeper connections between language concepts and improve their ability to retain information. By greasing the skids on your learning, the Spanish knowledge should be able to zip right along and make you a confident Spanish speaker.

This unorthodox route to learning Spanish is usually a nearly $200 package of training, but right now, all three courses are available for just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Complete Conversational Spanish Mastery Bundle - $29.99

Speak Spanish now for $29.99