The Nas Daily and Wil Dasovich Podcast Reaction

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Nuseir Yassin aka "Nas" is an Israeli-Arab video blogger who created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos on Facebook, when most were doing it on YouTube. He formerly set office in the Philippines with his team and engaged extensively with Pinoys knowing we are one of the most active on social media, especially on FB. He currently operates the Nas Daily Corporation, a video production company that uploads weekly videos. Now he creates longer videos, and even a podcast.

Medyo hindi ginusto ni Nas ang mga write-ups about his podcast with Wil. He posted a message on his page discouraging us to use their discussion for our vested interests....

"Dear Philippines,

It’s me again! I want to correct something.

Recently, I announced an episode of my new podcast "Nas Talks" with Wil Dasovich. It was a very fun episode.

But sadly, it’s being taken out of context in some online articles, and it pains me to see that.

Wil and I are good friends. The podcast was very friendly. But when you write it down in text or an article, it looks like it was all serious and grumpy. It wasn’t.

I don’t want anyone to use this podcast or my conversation with Wil to further anyone’s political ambitions or use it against Wil. We are both trying to figure out what to do with social media. It’s a whole new world for both of us. And we’re doing our BEST to make it a NET POSITIVE to the world.

Everyone has a different way of achieving their goals. And we have to respect that.

If you want to form an opinion, I would advise you to do it not based on quotes, but based on research. Luckily, Wil and I spoke for 1 hour - so after listening to the whole thing, you should make an informed opinion.

Thank you so much for your continued support! I hope this clears things up :)

Full Episode here:"

Hhhmm, sounds like the makings of a controversy to get more people curious...hehehe. And are we falling for it again....hahaha!

Na meet ko na si Wil Dasovich with his sister sa isang event, but never asked for any photo ops with them. Nakaks intimidate kasi dahil baka Englishin ako ay mali-mali grammar na maisagot ko...hahaha. The two kasi are the typical Fil-Ams who know they look and sound different, and use those facts to their advantage.

Pero kay Nas, pinuntahan ko mismo yung launch ng app niya sa MOA...daming pumunta...nakasama pa kami sa 1 minute vlog niya.

Kay Nas kasi ay edited talaga mga videos niya at daming effort - aerial drone shots, text graphics inclusions, putting other people in the limelight too, concised and informative info given within the 1 minute video, and that iconic shout-out of "that's 1 minute! see you tomorrow! (sounds familiar?).

Maybe because he has a team working for him. Now he does longer videos but never a dull moment because he kept the formula except for the length of his videos.

They most probably know SEO and other strategies to boost their online presence. But the Philippines really is one of the most active on social media thus the reason why they have a lot of content targeting Pinoys....and of course, we love when foreigners elevate us and the Philippines, thus a lot of other vloggers also make sure they do the same. We are equally curious of what foreigners think about us, and would always give us that pleasant feeling inside, and a smile, everytime we are appreciated.