Lightkey Pro 18.07.20200422.1717 [Latest]

Lightkey Pro

Lightkey Pro – with this program you can boost your productivity by turning to this application that lets you auto-complete your words by using a comprehensive suggestion database.

This application can help you save time typing by suggesting potential completions for your words based on your typing behavior. That means that the application studies the way you work and develops a profile so that it can fit your needs as efficiently as possible.

When you launch the application, you are prompted to input your name, select a typing style, specify prediction languages and choose from a broad range of prediction categories and subcategories. Typing styles indicate whether you’re focusing on the screen or keyboard while you’re typing.

• Helps you auto-complete your texts
• Integrates with several text editors
• Comes with a user-friendly interface
• Lightkey. Type At The Speed Of Your Mind
• Express yourself faster, avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, save energy and gain time.
• Being Creative Has Never Been More Productive
• Whether it’s a casual email, blog-post, legal document, or a research paper, Lightkey helps you get it done.
• Increase Your Typing Efficiency
• Save up to 70% of your keystrokes using Lightkey’s inline prediction technology.
• Sharpen Your Message. Instantly
• Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes while typing in more than 80 languages.
• Increase your typing efficiency, in any text field and any desktop application.
• Unlock Your Key Productivity Metrics
• Follow your typing speed (WPM), time gained and overall productivity improvement.

What’s New
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Title Release: Lightkey.Pro.18.07.20200422.1717
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: XDNHV
Lightkey Pro 18.07.20200422.1717 (233 MB)

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