I Illustrated Literal Meanings Of Funny German Words

Learning German has been a very hard journey, but also a very fun one! Often exhausted by learning the grammar, I have always been rewarded with new words and expressions which are not translatable or do not even exist in other languages.

Are you getting old and are a little worried about all the things you may be missing out on as time is running out...? Then you may have Torschlusspanik (closing-gate panic). Did someone make a fool of themselves and you feel deeply embarrassed for them? Then you're probably experiencing Fremdschämen (exterior shame).

Learning literal meanings of words put a smile on my face and inspired me to illustrate some of them. Let me share my 12 favorite words, which are just the tip of the iceberg!

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#1 Why Is The Slug Embarrassed? Because It's A Naked Snail!

#2 Are You Bored? Then Maybe It's Time For New Jeans!

#3 Lightbulb Is Actually A Glowing Pear. Can't Disagree!

#4 Who Is This In My Ear Singing The Same Rihanna?

#5 Kiss A Toad And Turn It Into A Prince Or Give It A Shield And Make It A Turtle!

#6 Now That's A Good Excuse To Get An Extra Pair Of Shoes!

#7 Animals Indeed Have A Special Place In The German Language!

#8 1 Cheese, 2 Cheese, 3 Cheese...

#9 They Might Be Called Such, But I'd Advise You Not To Try To Ride Them

#10 Next Time You Do The Dishes, Say Hello To The Water Rooster!

#11 Tornado's Trousers Will Blow Your Shoes Off!

#12 The Next Time You Plan To Jump The Queue, Remember What You're Dealing With!